Tracks 3, 13, 15 were recorded on March 4, 1955 in Los Angeles

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
A2 Mood Indigo
3 3:30
A3 Glad to Be Unhappy
A4 I Get Along Without You Very Well
A5 Deep in a Dream
A6 I See Your Face Before Me
A7 Can't We Be Friends?
A8 When Your Lover Has Gone
B1 What Is This Thing Called Love
B2 Last Night When We Were Young
B3 I'll Be Around
B4 Ill Wind
B5 It Never Entered My Mind
B6 Dancing on the Ceiling
B7 I'll Never Be the Same
B8 This Love of Mine


12" Vinyl 1

Paul Shure (1955-02-17) (track A4)
Victor Bay (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Alex Beller (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Harry Bluestone (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Nathan Ross (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Mischa Russell (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Paul Shure (1955-03-04) (tracks B5, B7)
Felix Slatkin (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Marshall Sosson (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Eleanor Aller (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
James Arkatov (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Cy Bernard (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Armand Kaproff (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Ray Kramer (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Edgar Lustgarten (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Kurt Reher (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Joseph Saxon (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Louis Singer (percussionist) (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Arthur Gleghorn (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Luella Howard (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Jules Kinsler (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
George Poole (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
George van Eps (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
double bass:
Phil Stephens (bass and tuba player) (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Kathryn Julye (1955-02-08) (track B3)
Kathryn Julye (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5)
French horn:
John Cave (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Vincent DeRosa (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Joseph Eger (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Richard Perissi (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Nelson Riddle (tracks A1–B8)
Harold Arlen (track B2)
Matty Malneck (track B7)
David Mann (American songwriter) (track A1)
Sol Parker (american songwriter) (track B8)
Richard Rodgers (track A3)
Arthur Schwartz (track A6)
Frank Signorelli (track B7)
Kay Swift (track A7)
Claudius Valk (track B1)
Jimmy Van Heusen (track A5)
Alec Wilder (track B3)
Einar Aaron Swan (track A8)
Cole Porter (1929) (track B1)
Barney Bigard (1930) (track A2)
Duke Ellington (American composer, pianist, & jazz bandleader) (1930) (track A2)
Richard Rodgers (1930) (track B6)
Harold Arlen (1934) (track B4)
Hoagy Carmichael (1939) (track A4)
Richard Rodgers (1940) (track B5)
Nelson Riddle (1954-03-01) (track B2)
Nelson Riddle (1955-02-08) (tracks A3, A7, B3, B6)
Nelson Riddle (1955-02-16) (tracks A2, A6, B1, B4)
Nelson Riddle (1955-02-17) (tracks A1, A4, A8, B8)
Nelson Riddle (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
lead vocals:
Frank Sinatra (1954-03-01) (track B2)
Frank Sinatra (1955-02-08) (tracks A3, A7, B3, B6)
Frank Sinatra (1955-02-16) (tracks A2, A6, B1, B4)
Frank Sinatra (1955-02-17) (tracks A1, A4, A8, B8)
Frank Sinatra (1955-03-04) (tracks A5, B5, B7)
Alec Wilder (track B3)
Eddie DeLange (track A5)
Howard Dietz (track A6)
Yip Harburg (track B2)
Lorenz Hart (track A3)
Bob Hilliard (track A1)
Paul James (Lyricist, aka James Warburg) (track A7)
Gus Kahn (track B7)
Henry Sanicola (track B8)
Frank Sinatra (track B8)
Einar Aaron Swan (track A8)
Jane Brown Thompson (track A4)
Cole Porter (1929) (track B1)
Lorenz Hart (1930) (track B6)
Irving Mills (1930) (track A2)
Ted Koehler (1934) (track B4)
Lorenz Hart (1940) (track B5)
The Nelson Riddle Orchestra (tracks A1–B8)
Frank Sinatra (tracks A2–B8)
phonographic copyright by:
Masterworks Series (2013) (tracks A1–B8)
Bourne Co. (track A1)
Bourne Music Ltd. (track A1)
Chappell & Co. (track A6)
Chappell Music Ltd. (track A5)
EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. (ASCAP) (track B7)
Rytvoc, Inc. (ASCAP) (track A1)
Warner/Chappell (track B1)
EMI Mills Music Inc. (1930) (track A2)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (1930) (track A2)
recorded at:
KHJ Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1954-03 – 1955-03) (tracks A1–B8)
later parody versions:
Can’t We Be Friends (Sinatra / Fitzgerald parody) (track A7)
later translated versions:
為了你 (track B7)
recording of:
Last Night When We Were Young (1954-03-01) (track B2)
Can’t We Be Friends? (1955-02-08) (track A7)
Dancing on the Ceiling (1930 Rodgers & Hart song) (1955-02-08) (track B6)
Glad to Be Unhappy (1955-02-08) (track A3)
I’ll Be Around (1955-02-08) (track B3)
I See Your Face Before Me (1955-02-16) (track A6)
Ill Wind (1955-02-16) (track B4)
Mood Indigo (1930 jazz composition and song) (1955-02-16) (track A2)
What Is This Thing Called Love? (1955-02-16) (track B1)
I Get Along Without You Very Well (1955-02-17) (track A4)
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (1955-02-17) (track A1)
This Love of Mine (1955-02-17) (track B8)
When Your Lover Has Gone (1955-02-17) (track A8)
Deep in a Dream (1955-03-04) (track A5)
It Never Entered My Mind (1955-03-04) (track B5)
I’ll Never Be the Same (1955-03-04) (track B7)