CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 O Holy Night
Paul Potts & The London Symphony Orchestra 3 4:24
2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas
James Galway & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 1:36
3 Christmas Prologue
Wiener Symphoniker 2:01
4 Der Messias: Hallelujah
London Philharmonic Orchestra 4:09
5 Alle Jahre wieder
Hermann Prey 2:04
6 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Mario Lanza 2:37
7 Maria druch ein Dornwald ging
Dresdner Kreuzchor 3:26
8 What Child Is This?
Julia Migenes & Kammerorchester Barbara Koerpen 5:30
9 The Little Drummer Boy
Canadian Brass 3:51
10 Joy to the World
Die Jungen Tenöre 3:33
11 Sleigh Ride, No. 3
Boston Pops Orchestra with Arthur Fiedler 2:42
12 In dulci jubilo
Wiener Sängerknaben 2:33
13 Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her
Thomanerchor Leipzig 2:28
14 White Christmas
José Carreras 2:48
15 Panis angelicus
Janet Mooney & The New London Chorale 4:06
16 Mary's Boy Child
Montserrat Caballé & Brandenburgische Philharmonie Potsdam mit den Schöneberger Sängerknaben 2:25
17 Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht
Rudolf Schock & Berliner Symphoniker mit dem RIAS Kammerchor 3:24
18 Ave Maria
Plácido Domingo & Wiener Symphoniker mit den Wiener Sängerknaben 2:24
19 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Anita Kerr Singers 1:22
20 Greensleeves
André Previn 3:05


CD 1

additional composer:
Lowell Mason (1839) (track 10)
William H. Cummings (1855) (track 6)
additional lyricist:
George Whitefield (1753) (track 6)
Ralph Carmichael (track 19)
choir vocals:
Dresdner Kreuzchor (track 7)
New London Chorale (track 15)
RIAS Kammerchor (track 17)
Thomanerchor (track 13)
Wiener Sängerknaben (tracks 12, 18)
Johann Sebastian Bach (German Baroque period composer & musician) (track 18)
César Franck (track 15)
George Frideric Handel (German‐British baroque composer) (track 10)
Friedrich Silcher (track 5)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks 2, 7–8, 19–20)
Jester Hairston (track 16)
[anonymous] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 12)
George Frideric Handel (German‐British baroque composer) (1741) (track 4)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (classical composer) (1789) (track 11)
Franz Xaver Gruber (1818) (track 17)
Felix Mendelssohn (1840) (track 6)
Adolphe Adam (1847) (track 1)
Charles‐François Gounod (French composer) (1853) (track 18)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track 14)
Katherine K. Davis (1941) (track 9)
Helmuth Froschauer (track 18)
lead vocals:
Paul Potts (track 1)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks 2, 7, 19–20)
St. Thomas Aquinas (track 15)
Jester Hairston (track 16)
Isaac Watts (hymn writer) (track 10)
[anonymous] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 18)
Heinrich Seuse (1328) (track 12)
Charles Wesley (hymn writer) (1739) (track 6)
Josef Mohr (1816) (track 17)
John Sullivan Dwight (1855) (track 1)
William Chatterton Dix (1865) (track 8)
Johann Wilhelm Hey (1873) (track 5)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track 14)
Katherine K. Davis (1941) (track 9)
Berliner Symphoniker (known as Symphonisches Orchester Berlin since 1967, renamed Berliner Symphoniker in 1990) (track 17)
Canadian Brass (track 9)
Wiener Symphoniker (tracks 3, 18)
tenor vocals:
Plácido Domingo (track 18)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (tracks 3, 19)
Henry Onorati (1958) (track 9)
Harry Simeone (1958) (track 9)
Bourne Music Ltd. (track 16)
Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships) (track 14)
EMI Mills Music (ASCAP) (track 9)
Warner/Chappell Music, Ltd. (1996–present) (track 14)
Irving Berlin Music Company (1940 –) (track 14)
Mills Music, Inc. (1964) (track 9)
part of:
Roud Folk Song Index (number: 394) (track 19)
Ave Maria (catch-all for arrangements of the Bach / Gounod work) (track 18)
Deadly Gentlemen (track 19)
Enkellaulu kajahtaa (translated) (track 6)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Trans‐Siberian Orchestra arrangement) (track 19)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (arr. Willcocks) (track 19)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement) (track 19)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Willan arrangement) (track 19)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Mariah Carey arrangement) (track 19)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (arr. Geoffrey Keating) (track 19)
Greensleeves (Jazz Waltz arrangement) (track 20)
Greensleeves (track 20)
Greensleeves (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement) (track 20)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (arr. Wilcocks) (track 6)
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing (Sovereign Grace version) (track 6)
In dulci jubilo (Mackerras arrangement) (track 12)
In dulci jubilo (arr. Rutter) (track 12)
Joy to the World (Geoff Zanelli's arrangement) (track 10)
Joy to the World (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement) (track 10)
Joy to the World (John Rutter's arrangement) (track 10)
Joy to the World (Our God Reigns) (Sovereign Grace version of Joy to the World) (track 10)
Little Drummer Boy (arr. McCarthy) (track 9)
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (arr. Wolters) (track 7)
Mary's Boy Child (arr. Langford) (track 16)
My Lady Greensleeves (Roger Quilter arrangement for women's voices (2 part) and piano) (track 20)
O Holy Night (Mariah Carey arrangement) (track 1)
O Holy Night (Trans‐Siberian Orchestra arrangement) (track 1)
O Holy Night (catch-all for arrangements) (track 1)
Oh Holy Night (for Sara Stevens) (track 1)
Panis Angelicus (catch-all for arrangements) (track 15)
Silent Night (Geoff Zanelli's arrangement) (track 17)
Stille Nacht (arr. Rutter) (track 17)
Stille Nacht (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement) (track 17)
Stille nacht (arr. Carter) (track 17)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (arr. Rutter) (track 2)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (arr. Frege & Rohde) (track 2)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (arr. Warrell) (track 2)
We wish you a Merry Christmas (arr. Willcocks) (track 2)
What Child Is This (Vince Guaraldi adaptation) (track 8)
What Child Is This? (for Sara Stevens) (track 8)
What Child Is This? (arr. Parker/Shaw) (track 8)
cover recording of:
Alle Jahre wieder (most commonly known melody by F. Silcher) (track 5)
Christmas Prologue (track 3)
Greensleeves (track 20)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Christmas carol) (track 6)
Joy to the World (Christmas carol) (track 10)
Mary’s Boy Child (track 16)
Panis Angelicus (track 15)
White Christmas (track 14)
has revision:
Greensleeves (Nox Arcana version) (track 20)
What Child Is This? (Trans-Siberian Orchestra version) (track 8)
instrumental recording of:
Carol of the Drum (aka “The Little Drummer Boy”) (track 9)
is based on:
[untitled] (traditional Czech carol, became “Carol of the Drums”) (track 9)
is the basis for:
A Star to Follow (track 19)
Alle Jahre wieder (track 5)
Good King Joy (track 10)
Greensleeves (new year carol) (track 20)
Joy to the World (Mariah Carey song, based off both the Christmas carol and the Hoyt Axton/Three Dog Night song) (track 10)
Joy to the World (Peter Cardinali arrangement) (track 10)
Joy to the World (track 10)
O Holy Night (Peter Cardinali arrangement) (track 1)
PDX-mas Carol (tracks 10, 19)
Take a Break Guys (track 19)
寂寞聖誕 (track 20)
雪の夜 (track 18)
later parody versions:
O Holy Tonight! (track 1)
Rapapapam (track 9)
later translated versions:
Ak, svētā nakts (track 1)
Astro del ciel (track 17)
Ave Maria (Italian translation of "Ave Maria" by Bach/Gounod) (track 18)
Ave Maria (Japanese translation of Bach/Gounod's "Ave Maria") (track 18)
Cicha noc (track 17)
Debespulks dzied apstarots (Latvian version of English "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing") (track 6)
In dulci jubilo (macaronic of English and Latin) (track 12)
Jouluyö, juhlayö (track 17)
Kas ir šis bērns (Latvian version of English "What Child Is This?") (track 8)
Klusa nakts, svēta nakts (Latvian version of German "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht") (track 17)
Kuningas hän on (track 16)
Līksmi lai skan (Latvian version of English "Joy to the World") (track 10)
Marian poika (track 16)
Noche de paz (track 17)
Oidhche Shàmhach (track 17)
Oíche Chiúin (Enya’s Irish version of “Silent Night”) (track 17)
Oíche Chiúin (Moya Brennan’s Irish version of “Silent Night”) (track 17)
Pieni rumpali (track 9)
Rap jul (track 14)
Riemuita saa (translated by V. Arti) (track 10)
Riemuita saa! (translated by Hilkka Norkamo) (track 10)
Silent Night (track 17)
Silent Night (Katie McMahon’s German/Irish/English version) (track 17)
Silent Night (Young's English translation) (track 17)
Silent Night (Méav Ní Mhaolchatha's Irish version) (track 17)
Stilla natt, heliga natt (Swedish translation) (track 17)
Valkea joulu (track 14)
おめでとうクリスマス (Hiroshi Yokoi version) (track 2)
きよしこの夜 (清しこの夜 星は光り… “Silent Night” Japanese version) (track 17)
しずけき (静けき真夜中 貧しうまや… “Silent Night” Japanese catholic version) (track 17)
天には栄え (Japanese version of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”) (track 6)
平安夜 (track 17)
新生王 (track 6)
later versions:
Alle Jahre wieder (Die Toten Hosen arrangement) (track 5)
Alle Jahre wieder (Lechner / Trabitsch) (track 5)
Choral "In dulci jubilo" (wrongly attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach, as BWV 751) (track 12)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Nox Arcana arrangement) (track 19)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Bob Dylan arrangement) (track 6)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Die Toten Hosen arrangement) (track 6)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (John Ferguson arrangement) (track 6)
In dulci iubilo (arr. Hieronymus Praetorius) (track 12)
In dulci jubilo (arr. Michael Praetorius) (track 12)
Little Drummer Boy (Poema version of the carol) (track 9)
Loin (Greensleeves) (track 20)
Maria durch den Dornwald ging (Lechner / Trabitsch) (track 7)
O Lord Most Holy (track 15)
Stille Nacht (Lechner / Trabitsch) (track 17)
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Die Toten Hosen arrangement) (track 17)
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Peter Schilling) (track 17)
Swinging Christmas (track 2)
Weiße Weihnacht (track 14)
What Child Is This? (track 20)
Ave Maria (for violin and orchestra, orch. Kennedy & Lenehan) (track 18)
Panis Angelicus (orch. Stokowski) (track 15)
part of:
Oh, What a Lovely War! (stage musical) (track 17)
recording of:
Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) (track 18)
In dulci iubilo (original traditional version in macaronic alteration of medieval German and Latin, use also for unspecified versions) (track 12)
O Holy Night (track 1)
referred to in medleys:
A Christmas Festival (tracks 6, 10, 19)
Christmas Train (medley) (tracks 2, 6, 10)
Hooked on Bach (track 18)
Mix 4 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (tracks 2, 14, 19)
Mix 3 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 9)
Megamix 4 (It Must Be Christmas) (tracks 16, 19)
Megamix 2 (It Must Be Christmas) (track 2)
Mix 2 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 16)
Noëls pour cordes (tracks 6, 10, 19)
version of:
Cantique de Noël "Minuit chrétiens" (French original of "O Holy Night") (track 1)
Greensleeves (track 8)


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