12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 When No One Cares
Frank Sinatra 2:46
A2 A Cottage for Sale
Frank Sinatra 3:19
A3 Stormy Weather
Frank Sinatra 3:24
A4 Where Do You Go?
Frank Sinatra 2:36
A5 I Don’t Stand a Ghost of Chance With You
Frank Sinatra 3:20
A6 Here’s That Rainy Day
Frank Sinatra 3:37
B1 I Can’t Get Started
Frank Sinatra 4:04
B2 Why Try to Change Me Now?
Frank Sinatra 3:45
B3 Just Friends
Frank Sinatra 3:42
B4 I’ll Never Smile Again
Frank Sinatra 3:49
B5 None but the Lonely Heart
Frank Sinatra 3:42


12" Vinyl 1

Cy Coleman (track B2)
Vernon Duke (track B1)
John Klenner (track B3)
Willard Robison (track A2)
Пётр Ильич Чайковский (Tchaikovsky - Russian romantic composer) (track B5)
Jimmy Van Heusen (tracks A1, A6)
Victor Young (track A5)
Ruth Lowe (track B4)
Harold Arlen (1933) (track A3)
Johnny Burke (American lyricist, 1908-1964) (track A6)
Sammy Cahn (track A1)
Larry Conley (track A2)
Bing Crosby (track A5)
Ira Gershwin (track B1)
Sam M. Lewis (US singer and lyricist) (track B3)
Ruth Lowe (track B4)
Joseph McCarthy, Jr. (Joseph Allan McCarthy) (track B2)
Ned Washington (track A5)
Ted Koehler (1933) (track A3)
The Nelson Riddle Orchestra (tracks A6, B2–B3)
Bill Westbrook (track B5)
Frank Sinatra (tracks A6, B2–B3)
Arnold Sundgaard (track A4)
Alec Wilder (track A4)
phonographic copyright by:
Masterworks Series (2013) (tracks A6, B2–B3)
Bourne Co. (track A6)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (track A3)
Pickwick Music (publisher) (track B4)
recorded at:
Capitol Tower in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1957-04 – 1959-03) (tracks A6, B2–B3)
is based on:
later translated versions:
later versions:
Nostalgia (Marie Myriam song) (track A3)
recording of:
(I Don’t Stand) A Ghost of a Chance (1959-03-24) (track A5)
None but the Lonely Heart (1959-03-24) (track B5)
Stormy Weather (1959-03-24) (track A3)
Why Try to Change Me Now (1959-03-24) (track B2)
Here's That Rainy Day (1959-03-25) (track A6)
A Cottage for Sale (1959-03-26) (track A2)
I Can’t Get Started (1959-03-26) (track B1)
Just Friends (1959-03-26) (track B3)
Where Do You Go? (1959-03-26) (track A4)
I’ll Never Smile Again (1959-05-14) (track B4)
When No One Cares (1959-05-14) (track A1)
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Wikidata: Q2897569 [info]