CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Come On, Come In
Velvet Revolver 3:59
2 Error Operator
Taking Back Sunday 3:10
3 Relax
Chingy 3:31
4 What Ever Happened to the Heroes
Joss Stone 3:56
5 Waiting (Save Your Life)
Omnisoul 4:03
6 Always Come Back to Me
Ryan Cabrera 3:34
7 Everything Burns
Ben Moody feat. Anastacia 3:42
8 New World Symphony
Miri Ben-Ari feat. Pharoahe Monch 4:01
9 Die for You (Fantastic Four mix)
Megan McCauley 3:49
10 Noots
Sum 41 3:49
11 Surrender
Simple Plan 2:59
12 I’ll Take You Down
T.F.F. 2:51
13 On Fire
Lloyd Banks 3:08
14 Reverie
Megan McCauley 3:55
15 Goodbye to You
Breaking Point 3:52
16 Shed My Skin
Alter Bridge 5:09
17 In Due Time
Submersed 4:05
18 Disposable Sunshine
Loser 3:28
19 Now You Know
Miss Eighty 6 feat. Classic 3:04
20 Kirikirimai (Fantastic Four remix)


CD 1

drumset [drums]:
Scott Phillips (drummer for Creed, Alter Bridge) (track 16)
bass guitar [bass]:
Brian Marshall (bassist) (track 16)
strings arranger:
David Campbell (US based Canadian violinist, composer, conductor and arranger) (track 16)
Mark Tremonti (track 16)
keyboard programming:
Jamie Muhoberac (track 16)
Blumpy (track 16)
additional assistant recording engineer:
Paul Pavao (chief engineer at The Mix Room) (track 16)
Chuck Bailey (track 16)
additional editor:
Shilpa Patel (track 16)
Alter Bridge (track 16)
assistant mixer:
Paul Pavao (chief engineer at The Mix Room) (track 16)
Steve Sisco (track 10)
Chuck Bailey (track 16)
assistant recording engineer:
Shaun Evans (mix engineer, worked at The Mix Room in Burbank, CA) (track 16)
Jack Odom (recording engineer) (track 16)
Alter Bridge (track 16)
Mark Tremonti (track 16)
Adam Barber (track 16)
Blumpy (track 16)
Matt Hyde (US producer & engineer) (track 10)
Adam Barber (track 16)
Blumpy (track 16)
Mark Tremonti (track 16)
Ben Grosse (track 16)
Andy Wallace (track 10)
Anastacia (USA pop singer from Chicago, IL, best known for "I'm Outta Love") (track 7)
Greig Nori (track 10)
Ben Grosse (track 16)
recording engineer:
Ben Grosse (track 16)
Mark Tremonti (track 16)
Myles Kennedy (track 16)
Greig Nori (track 10)
Deryck Whibley (track 10)
phonographic copyright by:
Island Def Jam Music Group (use “Island” or “Def Jam Recordings” labels rather than this record company) (2004) (track 10)
Wind‐Up Records LLC (this is only for copyrights use; please use "Wind‐Up" for release labels) (2004) (track 16)
mixed at:
Soundtrack Studios (New York) in New York, New York, United States (track 10)
recorded at:
recording of:
Noots (track 10)
Shed My Skin (track 16)

Release Group

single/EP which was taken from: Everything Burns by Ben Moody feat. Anastacia
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