Perfect Jazz Collection II (There is a Europe version with a few discs replaced by different artists presumably for copyright reasons)

~ Release by Various Artists (see all versions of this release, 2 available)


A followup to the earlier 25 CD set titled Perfect Jazz Collection and containing 25 additional previously released jazz albums

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CD 1: Ellington Uptown
CD 2: Jazz Goes To College
CD 3: Satch Plays Fats: The Music of Fats Waller
CD 4: 'Round About Midnight
CD 5: The Sound of Jazz
CD 6: Mingus Ah Um
CD 7: Desmond Blue
CD 8: The Bridge
CD 9: Underground
CD 10: Straight Life
CD 11: Beyond The Blue Horizon
CD 12: Birds of Fire
CD 13: The Beginning And The End
CD 14: She Was Too Good To Me
CD 15: Carnegie Hall Concert
CD 16: Thrust
CD 17: Native Dancer
CD 18: Concierto
CD 19: Romantic Warrior
CD 20: School Days
CD 21: 8:30
CD 22: Friday Night in San Francisco
CD 23: Round Midnight
CD 24: Carmen Sings Monk
CD 25: Standard Time Vol. 3