Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 CHRONOTORIOUS [Chrono Trigger]
Tim Sheehy 2:44
2 Castle Rock [Guardia Castle - Pride & Glory]
JJT 4:30
3 Rockin' on Heaven's Door [Corridor of Time]
Danimal Cannon 4:58
4 Dethfrog [Frog's Theme]
Ailsean 2:24
5 Cave Girl [Ayla's Theme]
zyko 6:51
6 B.A.M.F. [Magus Confronted]
Mustin feat. Dhsu 4:15
7 disodium guanylate [Derelict Factory]
Posu Yan 4:11
8 Watertite [Ocean Palace]
Kunal 4:25
9 Dream of Black [Black Omen]
Joshua Morse 6:09
10 Bottomed Out [Depths of the Night]
Mustin 3:06
11 Longing of the Wind [Yearnings of the Wind]
Bladiator 3:32
12 Forced Enlightenment [Schala's Theme]
Diggi Dis 4:13
13 Tyrannosaurus [Tyran Castle]
Mazedude 4:37
14 Forest Steppin' [Secret of the Forest]
Mustin 4:44
15 The Bad Ending [Lavos' Theme]
Kunal 7:06


Digital Media 1

光田康典 (tracks 1–12, 14–15)
植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy) (track 13)
part of:
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 9) (track 12)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 53) (track 1)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 62) (track 14)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 66) (track 3)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 69) (track 11)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 479) (track 6)
OverClocked ReMix works catalog (number: 985) (track 15)
cover recording of:
エイラのテーマ (“Ayla’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger) (track 5)
カエルのテーマ (“Frog’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger) (track 4)
ガルディア城〜勇気と誇り〜 (“Guardia Castle -Pride & Glory-” from Chrono Trigger) (track 2)
クロノ・トリガー (“Chrono Trigger” from Chrono Trigger) (track 1)
サラのテーマ (“Schala’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger) (track 12)
ティラン城 (“Tyranno Lair” from Chrono Trigger) (track 13)
ラヴォスのテーマ (“Lavos’ Theme” from Chrono Trigger) (track 15)
夜の底にて (“Depths of the Night” from Chrono Trigger) (track 10)
工場跡 (“Derelict Factory” from Chrono Trigger) (track 7)
時の回廊 (“Corridor of Time” from Chrono Trigger) (track 3)
樹海の神秘 (“Secret of the Forest” from Chrono Trigger) (track 14)
海底神殿 (“Ocean Palace” from Chrono Trigger) (track 8)
風の憧憬 (“Yearnings of the Wind” from Chrono Trigger) (track 11)
魔王決戦 (“Showdown with Magus” from Chrono Trigger) (track 6)
黒の夢 (“Black Omen” from Chrono Trigger) (track 9)
is the basis for:
Red Star (Amanda Lepre) (track 13)
later versions:
サラのテーマ / Schala's Theme (ハルカナルトキノカナタヘ / To Far Away Times) (track 12)
時の回廊 / Corridors of Time (ハルカナルトキノカナタヘ / To Far Away Times) (track 3)
part of:
クロノ・トリガーGAME MUSIC (植松伸夫) (track 13)
クロノ・トリガーGAME MUSIC (光田康典) (tracks 1–12, 14–15)
referred to in medleys:
Chrono Trigger (Kirby's Dream Band & Mega Ran) (tracks 3, 14)