Location: The Cellar Cafe, New York, USA
Recording Date: 1964/06/14

This is a two part live session which was messily released after Ayler's death, simultaneously by different labels, possibly from different tapes.
This one is the first part of the gig - attempted information:
Label: ESP - Catalog #: 3030 (released USA and ripped by another "label") - Format: LP
Label: ESP (Germany) - Catalog #: 1010-2 (coupled with Bells, and ripped by GetBack)
Label: ESP (USA) - Catalog #: CD3030 - Format: CD (not coupled with Bells)
Label: ESP (USA) - Catalog #: CD4006 - Format: CD (coupled with Bells)
The complete session (see the second part Albert Smiles with Sunny) has possibly been spotted (issued by GetBack?) as a double cd under the name Live At The Cellar Café.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Spirits
2 Wizard
3 Ghosts (First Variation)
4 Prophecy
5 Ghosts (Second Variation)