CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 O moldava
Bedřich Smetana 12:57
2 Danças eslavas no. 2
Antonín Dvořák 5:40
3 Se eu fosse rei: Abertura
Adolphe Adam 7:55
4 Fausto, suite de Margarida: I. Allegretto
Charles‐François Gounod 2:37
5 Fausto, suite de Margarida: II. Adagio
Charles‐François Gounod 4:08
6 Fausto, suite de Margarida: III. Allegretto
Charles‐François Gounod 1:38
7 Fausto, suite de Margarida: IV. Moderato maestoso
Charles‐François Gounod 1:49
8 Fausto, suite de Margarida: V. Moderato con moto
Charles‐François Gounod 2:33
9 Fausto, suite de Margarida: VI. Allegretto
Charles‐François Gounod 1:51
10 Fausto, suite de Margarida: VII. Allegro vivo
Charles‐François Gounod 2:38


CD 1

Adolphe Adam (track 3)
Charles‐François Gounod (French composer) (tracks 4–10)
Bedřich Smetana (1874-11-20 – 1874-12-08) (track 1)
Antonín Dvořák (1878-04 – 1878-08-22) (track 2)
Yuri Ahronovich (track 1)
Pietro di la Corona (Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (track 1)
Vladimir Petroschoff (conductor, an Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (track 2)
Alfred Scholz (tracks 1–10)
János Sándor (track 10)
Thomas Waldham (track 2)
George Ralph Warren (tracks 1–2)
Berlin Festival Orchestra (possibly another Scholtz pseudonym) (track 2)
Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra (Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra) (track 10)
London Festival Orchestra (Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 1–2)
London Symphony Orchestra (Alfred Scholz pseudonym, not the real LSO) (tracks 1–10)
New Philharmonia Orchestra London (conducted by Alfred Scholz) (track 3)
Philharmonia Slavonica (an Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 1, 10)
The Vienna Symphony Orchestra (Alfred Scholz related) (track 1)
Wiener Symphoniker (track 1)
phonographic copyright by:
Mediaphon (NOT for release label use! Mediaphon-Musikproduktion und Verlag GmbH) (1984) (track 2)
part of:
B. number catalogue by František Bartoš (number: B. 111) (track 1)
Má vlast: II. Vltava, JB 1:112/2 (Die Moldau) (catch-all for arrangements) (track 1)
Slavonic Dance no. 1 in G minor (for violin and piano, Kreisler) (track 2)
Vltava (for baritone and orchestra) (track 1)
Vltava, op. 43 (track 1)
is based on:
La Mantovana (track 1)
is the basis for:
Ma rivière (track 1)
later versions:
part of:
Si j'étais roi (track 3)
Má vlast, JB 1:112 (My Country / My Fatherland) (part of collection) (track 1)
Slavonic Dances, op. 46, B. 83 (for orchestra) (track 2)
Faust: Acte V. Ballet (tracks 4–10)
recording of:
Má vlast: II. Vltava, JB 1:112/2 (Die Moldau) (track 1)


part of: Os grandes clássicos (number: 27)