12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Hound Dog
3.65 2:18
A2 Loving You
4 2:16
A3 All Shook Up
3.65 1:59
A4 Heartbreak Hotel
3.75 2:08
A5 Jailhouse Rock
5 2:28
A6 Love Me
4 2:45
A7 Too Much
2.35 2:33
B1 Don’t Be Cruel
4 2:04
B2 That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
5 3:25
B3 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
3 1:49
B4 Love Me Tender
3.8 2:46
B5 Treat Me Nice
4 2:15
B6 Anyway You Want Me (That’s How I Will Be)
4 2:16
B7 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
5 2:37


12" Vinyl 1

electric guitar:
Scotty Moore (American guitarist and recording engineer) (track A7)
additional performer:
The Jordanaires (tracks A1, A3, A6–B1, B3, B5)
additional writer:
Vera Matson (1956) (track B4)
Elvis Presley (1956) (track B4)
assistant engineer:
Dan Milazzo (tracks A1, A3–A4, A7–B1, B3–B4)
Claudius Mittendorfer (tracks A1, A3–A4, A7–B1, B3–B4)
Mike Stoller (tracks A1–A2, A5–A6)
George R. Poulton (1861) (track B4)
Ray Bardani (tracks A1, A3–A4, A7–B1, B3–B4)
lead vocals:
Elvis Presley (tracks A1, A3–A4, A6–B1, B3, B5)
Elvis Presley (1956-09-01) (track B4)
Jerry Leiber (tracks A1–A2, A5–A6)
Ken Darby (1956) (track B4)
Ted Jensen (American mastering engineer) (tracks A1, A4, B1)
Ben Speer (track A4)
Gordon Stoker (track A4)
Jon Dodson (1956-09-01) (track B4)
Charles Prescott (1956-09-01) (track B4)
Rad Robinson (1956-09-01) (track B4)
Mae Boren Axton (track A4)
Otis Blackwell (tracks A3, B1)
Thomas Durden (track A4)
Fred Fisher (track B2)
Billy Hill (Songwriter and standards composer) (track B2)
Ira Kosloff (track B7)
Jerry Leiber (track B5)
Bernie Lowe (track B3)
Kal Mann (track B3)
Maurice Mysels (track B7)
Cliff Owens (track B6)
William Raskin (track B2)
Lee Rosenberg (track A7)
Aaron Schroeder (50s/60s US songwriter) (track B6)
Mike Stoller (track B5)
Bernard Weinman (track A7)
Elvis Presley (tracks A3–A4, B1)
Elvis Presley Music (track B1)
Jerry Leiber Music (track A5)
Mike Stoller Music (ASCAP) (track A5)
Sony/ATV Songs LLC (tracks A4–A5)
Elvis Presley Music (1956 –) (track B4)
Love Me (legacy edition remaster) by Elvis Presley (track A6)
Love Me Tender (legacy edition remaster) by Elvis Presley (track B4)
part of:
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 45) (track A4)
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 353) (track A3)
cover recording of:
Love Me (track A6)
Hound Dog (1956-07-02) (track A1)
Too Much (1956-09-02) (track A7)
later parody versions:
Cut-Rate Hotel (track A4)
Don't Be Fooled (track B1)
Found God (track A1)
H.B. Hotel (track A4)
Jail Got Rocked (track A5)
later translated parody versions:
Bullhouse Rock (track A5)
later translated versions:
Estima'm tendrament (track B4)
Estremécete (track A3)
Gel', du magst mi (track A6)
Mit dir leben! (track B4)
Zuchthaus Rock (track A5)
佛跳牆 (track B1)
監獄ロック (track A5)
later versions:
Sois pas cruel (track B1)
recording of:
Any Way You Want Me (track B6)
Jailhouse Rock (track A5)
Loving You (track A2)
Treat Me Nice (track B5)
Heartbreak Hotel (1956-01-10) (track A4)
Don’t Be Cruel (1956-07-02) (track B1)
Love Me Tender (1956-09-01) (track B4)
All Shook Up (1957-01-12) (track A3)
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (1957-01-15 – 1957-01-18) (track B3)
referred to in medleys:
Raggarkungen (tracks A4, B3)
Swing the Mood (tracks A1, A3, A5)
version of:
Aura Lea (track B4)