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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Main Title
James Horner 2:51
2 A Gift of a Thistle
James Horner 1:38
3 Wallace Courts Murron
James Horner 4:25
4 The Secret Wedding
James Horner 6:33
5 Attack on Murron
James Horner 3:00
6 Revenge
James Horner 6:24
7 Murron’s Burial
James Horner 2:14
8 Making Plans / Gathering the Clans
James Horner 1:52
9 “Sons of Scotland”
James Horner 3 6:20
10 The Battle of Stirling
James Horner 3 5:57
11 For the Love of a Princess
James Horner 4.5 4:07
12 Falkirk
James Horner 4:04
13 Betrayal & Desolation
James Horner 4 7:48
14 Mornay’s Dream
James Horner 1:16
15 The Legend Spreads
James Horner 1:09
16 The Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life
James Horner 3:38
17 “Freedom” / The Execution / Bannockburn
James Horner 4 7:24
18 End Credits
James Horner 7:15


CD 1

assistant editor:
Christine Cholvin (tracks 1–18)
Joe E. Rand (tracks 1–18)
assistant engineer:
Jonathan Allen (Engineer) (tracks 1–18)
choir vocals:
Choir of Westminster Abbey (tracks 1–18)
chorus master:
Martin Neary (organist and choral conductor) (tracks 1–18)
James Horner (tracks 1–18)
James Horner (tracks 1–18)
Martin Neary (organist and choral conductor) (track 1)
Jim Henrikson (tracks 1–18)
Shawn Murphy (producer/engineer) (tracks 1–18)
London Symphony Orchestra (tracks 1–18)
James Horner (tracks 1–18)
James Horner (tracks 1–18)
recording engineer:
Shawn Murphy (producer/engineer) (tracks 1–18)
phonographic copyright by:
Decca Music Group Limited (not for release label use, for ℗ & © rights holder use only) (1995) (track 11)
mixed at:
recorded at:
For the Love of a Princess (for brass band, Duncan) (track 11)
is the basis for:
Protect Your Mind (aka “Protect Your Mind (Braveheart)” and “Protect Your Mind (For the Love of a Princess)”) (track 11)
recording of:
"Sons of Scotland" (track 9)
Attack on Murron (track 5)
End Credits (Braveheart) (track 18)
Falkirk (track 12)
For the Love of a Princess (Braveheart) (track 11)
Main Title (Braveheart) (track 1)
Mornay's Dream (track 14)
Murron's Burial (track 7)
Revenge (track 6)
The Legend Spreads (track 15)
The Secret Wedding (track 4)


synthesizer programming: Ian Underwood
mastering: Dave Collins (US mastering engineer)
Patricia Sullivan
solo bodhrán [bodhrán drum]: Mike Taylor (Production music composer)
solo whistle: Tony Hinnegan (Production music composer)
Mike Taylor (Production music composer)
solo quena [kena]: Tony Hinnegan (Production music composer)
solo keyboard [keyboards]: James Horner
solo uilleann pipes: Eric Rigler
copyrighted by: The Decca Record Company Ltd. (not for release label use!) (1995)
mastered at: A&M Mastering Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
ASIN: US: B00135EUPC [info]