12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 The Wrong Side of Reflection (intro)
Prefuse 73 0:34
A2 The End of Biters - International
Prefuse 73 1:18
A3 Plastic
Prefuse 73 feat. Diverse 2:45
A4 Uprock and Invigorate (a Prefuse/Dabrye production)
Prefuse 73 3:47
A5 The Color of Tempo
Prefuse 73 2:34
A6 Dave's Bonus Beats
Prefuse 73 2:10
B1 Detchibe
Prefuse 73 4:09
B2 Altoid Addiction (interlude)
Prefuse 73 1:02
B3 Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing mix) (a Prefuse/Daedelus production)
Prefuse 73 2:42
B4 One Word Extinguisher
Prefuse 73 4:04
B5 90% of My Mind Is With You
Prefuse 73 3:15
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 Huevos With Jeff and Rani
Prefuse 73 feat. Mr. Lif on a MiniDisc mic 1:22
C2 Female Demands
Prefuse 73 2:29
C3 Why I Love You
Prefuse 73 with Jenny Vasquez 2:56
C4 Southerners (interlude)
Prefuse 73 0:24
C5 Perverted Undertone
Prefuse 73 3:18
C6 Invigorate (a Prefuse/Dabrye interlude)
Prefuse 73 1:26
C7 Choking You
Prefuse 73 4:01
D1 Storm Returns (a Prefuse/Tommy Guerrero production)
Prefuse 73 5:16
D2 Trains on Top of the Game (interlude)
Prefuse 73 1:54
D3 Styles That Fade Away With a Collonade Reprise
Prefuse 73 4:26
D4 Esta
Prefuse 73 1:22


12" Vinyl 1

guest vocals:
Diverse (hip hop artist Kenny Jenkins) (track A3)
Dabrye (track A4)
Daedelus (US electronic musician) (track B3)
Prefuse 73 (tracks A1–B5)
Warp Music Ltd. (Warp Publishing) (track A2)
Section 008 by Buddy Peace (track A3)
recording of:

12" Vinyl 2

Tommy Guerrero (track D1)
guest vocals:
Mr. Lif (track C1)
Tommy Guerrero (track D1)
Dabrye (track C6)
Tommy Guerrero (track D1)
Prefuse 73 (tracks C1–D4)
Jenny Vasquez (track C3)
Section 008 by Buddy Peace (tracks C2, C4)