CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Presentación por Claudio Orellano
Dancing Mood 2:06
2 Rocky Oberture
Dancing Mood 2:25
3 Take Five
Dancing Mood 8:47
4 Skafrika
Dancing Mood 4:38
5 The Chicken
Dancing Mood 8:19
6 Yesterday Once More
Dancing Mood con Mimi Maura 3:50
7 Close to You
Dancing Mood con Mimi Maura 5:34
8 A Night in Tunisia
Dancing Mood 8:06
9 You're So Delightfull
Dancing Mood 7:53
10 Confucious
Dancing Mood 6:38
11 Maria
Dancing Mood 4:17
12 Scrapple From the Apple
Dancing Mood 5:55
13 Exhale
Dancing Mood con Débora Dixon 5:02
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Just Don't Want to Be Lonely
Dancing Mood con Débora Dixon 4:59
2 Police Woman
Dancing Mood con Skay Beilinson 6:05
3 Fantasy
Dancing Mood con Skay Beilinson 7:20
4 The Long and Winding Road
Dancing Mood 3:19
5 Just Friends
Dancing Mood con Valentino 7:41
6 Just the Way You Are
Dancing Mood & Guillermo Bonetto 5:14
7 Exodus
Dancing Mood 8:49
8 Perdido
Dancing Mood 7:00
9 You Baby
Dancing Mood con Mariano Castro 4:04
10 Occupation
Dancing Mood con Sergio Rotman 9:31
11 Despedida
Dancing Mood 4:51
12 Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Dancing Mood con Vicentico 5:22


CD 1

Burt Bacharach (track 7)
Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters) (track 6)
Bill Conti (track 2)
Paul Desmond (track 3)
Pee Wee Ellis (track 5)
Dizzy Gillespie (track 8)
John Gillespie (track 8)
Frank Paparelli (track 8)
Charlie Parker (aka "Bird", jazz alto saxophonist) (track 12)
Leonard Bernstein (American composer and conductor) (1956) (track 11)
Pee Wee Ellis (track 5)
John Bettis (track 6)
Hal David (track 7)
Stephen Sondheim (1956) (track 11)
Babyface (R&B musician Kenny Edmonds) (track 13)
Don Drummond (track 10)
Casa David LP (track 7)
Golo Publishing (track 5)
Universal MCA Music Publishing (US film music publisher) (track 8)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track 11)
株式会社ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (2017-04-01 –) (track 5)
West Side Story: Maria (arr. Gordon for oboe and orchestra) (track 11)
is the basis for:
Prisca "Five" (track 3)
later translated versions:
Maria (track 11)
Maria (track 11)
Nah bei dir (track 7)
カフェにて (track 7)
later versions:
A Night in Tunisia (vocal version) (track 8)
Take Five (song version) (track 3)
live cover recording of:
Confucius (track 10)
Night in Tunisia (instrumental) (track 8)
Skafrica (track 4)
The Chicken (track 5)
live instrumental cover recording of:
West Side Story: Maria (Tony) (track 11)
live partial cover recording of:
Overture (Rocky II) (track 2)
live recording of:
Take Five (original instrumental version) (track 3)
part of:
West Side Story (track 11)
referred to in medleys:
West Side Story Medley (Clayderman) (track 11)
Carpenters Medley (single mix) (tracks 6–7)
West Side Story Suite (tracks 11, 11)
West Side Story (Peter Riese arrangement) (track 11)

CD 2

Ernest Gold (track 7)
John Klenner (track 5)
Juan Tizol (track 8)
John Fogerty (track 12)
Billy Joel (track 6)
John Fogerty (track 12)
Billy Joel (track 6)
Sam M. Lewis (US singer and lyricist) (track 5)
Vinnie Barrett (track 1)
Eduardo Del Barrio (track 3)
Bobby Eli (track 1)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track 4)
Barry Mann (track 9)
Paul McCartney (track 4)
Tommy McCook (track 2)
Phil Spector (track 9)
Cynthia Weil (track 9)
Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire) (track 3)
Verdine White (track 3)
Criga Music (track 3)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (track 4)
EMI Songs Ltd. (track 6)
Joelsongs (track 6)
Jondora Music (track 12)
Maclen Music Ltd. (track 4)
Saggifire Music (track 3)
is the basis for:
later translated versions:
Ovensuu (track 4)
Sataa (track 12)
可會有明天 (track 6)
later versions:
Exodus (This Land Is Mine) (track 7)
Exodus (Italian lyric version, arr. Ennio Morricone) (track 7)
Perdido (with lyrics) (track 8)
live cover recording of:
Just Friends (track 5)
Just the Way You Are (Billy Joel song) (track 6)
Perdido (original instrumental version) (track 8)
Police Woman (track 2)
You Baby (track 9)
live instrumental cover recording of:
Fantasy (track 3)
live recording of:
Theme (Exodus) (track 7)
referred to in medleys:
The Beatles Concerto: 3rd Movement: Presto (Can't Buy Me Love / The Long and Winding Road) (track 4)


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