CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Unchained Melody
The Righteous Brothers 2 3:37
2 Tonight I Celebrate
Peabo Bryson 3:30
3 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
The Platters 2:41
4 Have I Told You Lately
Rod Stewart 4:03
5 Somebody to Love
George Michael and Queen 5:00
6 The Morning Paper
Prince 3:53
7 Always on My Mind
Elvis Presley 3:22
8 Three Times a Lady
Commodores 3:20
9 If You Leave Me Now
Chicago 4:13
10 Feelings
Morris Albert 4:02
11 I've Never Been to Me
Charlene 3:40
12 Making Love Out of Nothing at All
Air Supply 4:53
13 Your Song
Elton John 3:44
14 Somewhere Out There
Linda Ronstadt 4:00
15 Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison 3:01
16 These Are the Days of Our Lives
George Michael and Queen with Lisa Stansfield 2.5 4:41


CD 1

Jack Nitzsche (track 1)
associate producer:
Steve Tyrell (American producer and vocalist) (track 14)
William Dees (track 15)
Louis Gasté (track 10)
James Horner (track 14)
Elton John (track 13)
Jerome Kern (track 3)
Barry Mann (track 14)
Michael Masser (track 2)
Freddie Mercury (track 5)
Alex North (track 1)
Lionel Richie (track 8)
Jim Steinman (track 12)
Ken Hirsch (track 11)
Ron Miller (Motown songwriter Ronald Norman Miller) (track 11)
Van Morrison (track 4)
Roy Orbison (track 15)
Prince Rogers Nelson (“The Artist Formerly Known as…”) (track 6)
Peter Cetera (1976) (track 9)
Larry Levine (track 1)
William Dees (track 15)
Freddie Mercury (track 5)
Jim Steinman (track 12)
Morris Albert (track 10)
Peter Cetera (track 9)
Gerry Goffin (track 2)
Otto Harbach (track 3)
Ken Hirsch (track 11)
Ron Miller (Motown songwriter Ronald Norman Miller) (track 11)
Van Morrison (track 4)
Roy Orbison (track 15)
Prince Rogers Nelson (“The Artist Formerly Known as…”) (track 6)
Bernie Taupin (track 13)
Cynthia Weil (track 14)
Hy Zaret (track 1)
George Massenburg (track 14)
Peter Asher (track 14)
Bernard Edwards (track 4)
George Michael (track 16)
Queen (UK rock group) (track 16)
Phil Spector (track 1)
Rod Stewart (track 4)
Hy Zaret (track 1)
recording engineer:
David Richards (Swiss-based producer and engineer) (track 16)
Allen Sides (track 14)
George Michael (track 16)
James Ingram (track 14)
Linda Ronstadt (track 14)
Lisa Stansfield (track 16)
Johnny Christopher (Guitarist) (track 7)
John Deacon (track 16)
Mark James (Francis Rodney Zambon, composer of "Suspicious Minds") (track 7)
Brian May (Queen guitarist) (track 16)
Freddie Mercury (track 16)
Lionel Richie (track 8)
Roger Taylor (Queen drummer) (track 16)
phonographic copyright by:
Universal Records (1996-2005 American pop label - "RECORDS" must be a part of the logo!) (1966) (track 1)
MCA Records, Inc. (do not use as a release label! a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.) (1986) (track 14)
Warner Bros. Records Inc. (not for release label use, company behind the “WB Records” imprint) (1991) (track 4)
Warner Music International Inc. (not for release label use! Warner Music Group's global recorded music division managing over 50 countries) (1995) (track 4)
Bike Music (track 7)
Budde Songs Inc. (track 7)
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Controversy Music (track 6)
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Lovolar Music (track 7)
MCA Music Ltd. (track 14)
Queen Music Ltd. (tracks 5, 16)
Rose Bridge Music (track 7)
Sebanine Music (track 7)
T.B. Harms (US sheet music publisher 1875 sold to Warner Brothers 1929 sold to Welk Music 1970) (track 3)
Universal MCA Music Publishing (US film music publisher) (track 14)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track 3)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track 15)
recorded at:
Unchained Melody (Bachata remix by OG Bachata) by OG Bachata (track 1)
Dym (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes) (for two violins and piano, Frolov) (track 3)
Les Enchaînés (translated) (track 1)
cover recording of:
Always on My Mind (track 7)
Unchained Melody (1965-03) (track 1)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
Feelings (parody version) (track 10)
later translated versions:
De Wind vun Hamborg (track 11)
Fumo negli occhi (track 3)
Heb ik ooit gezegd (track 4)
Los dulces días de ayer ("These Are the Days of Our Lives") (track 16)
Om du lämnar mej (track 9)
Om du skulle gå (track 9)
Pretty Woman (track 15)
Schönes Madl (track 15)
Sinun laulusi (track 13)
Tu canción (track 13)
Tunteet (track 10)
Un poco de amor ("Somebody to Love") (track 5)
Wie mei Herzschlag (track 7)
Wie my Härzschlag (track 7)
フィーリング (track 10)
常在我心間 (track 7)
烙印 (track 10)
소망 (track 11)
later versions:
Dis-lui (Feelings) (track 10)
live cover recording of:
part of:
Roberta (track 3)
We Will Rock You (German version of the Queen musical) (tracks 5, 16)
We Will Rock You (Queen musical) (tracks 5, 16)
An American Tail (1986 animated film) (track 14)
recording of:
Feelings (track 10)
Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison song) (track 15)
Somebody to Love (Queen song) (track 5)
Somewhere Out There (An American Tail) (track 14)
The Morning Papers (track 6)
Three Times a Lady (track 8)
Your Song (track 13)
referred to in medleys:
Dragon Ball azul (track 5)
Truly (track 8)
version of:
Pour toi (track 10)