One of these "listener-digest" huge budget sets compiling in 30 discs a range of jazz musicians, apparently drawing the takes from public domain material.
If cheap, maybe this is a good dig for absolute beginners who want an overview about things. Amateurs, obviously, stay away.

The Mingus disc consists exclusively of early 1945-49 singles, probably ripped from the (way superior) "West Coast" Mingus late anthology.

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CD 1: Stan Getz
CD 2: Astrud Gilberto
CD 3: Django Reinhardt
CD 4: Sarah Vaughan
CD 5: Tony Bennett
CD 6: B.B. King
CD 7: Ray Charles
CD 8: Miles Davis
CD 9: Charles Mingus
CD 10: John Coltrane
CD 11: Nina Simone
CD 12: Buddy Guy
CD 13: Glenn Miller
CD 14: Judy Garland
CD 15: Count Basie
CD 16: Charlie Parker
CD 17: Billie Holiday
CD 18: Benny Goodman
CD 19: Sidney Bechet
CD 20: Dizzy Gillespie
CD 21: Duke Ellington
CD 22: Ella Fitzgerald
CD 23: Perry Como
CD 24: Louis Armstrong
CD 25: Nat King Cole
CD 26: Erroll Garner
CD 27: Lionel Hampton
CD 28: John Lee Hooker
CD 29: Muddy Waters
CD 30: Sonny Terry



ASIN: UK: B000A2GJA8 [info]