As far as human affairs go, this world is far from what it could be.
But there's still some honest beauty around, keeping alive a rumor of fullness that's never in the headlines, but more quietly powerful than the noise. These sounds are echoes from that world downside up.

"Beautiful are the poor, for the Kingdom of God is theirs. Beautiful are those who weep, for they are comforted. Beautiful are the meek, they inherit the earth. Beautiful are those who hunger for goodness, for they are satisfied. Beautiful are the compassionate, for they receive compassion. Beautiful are the pure in heart, for they see God. Beautiful are the peacemakers, for they are God's children. Beautiful are those persecuted for the sake of justice, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs."

( jkg translation from Matthew 5 )
released September 21, 2012

J Kyle Gregory, trumpet and composer
Aya Shimura, cello
Paolo Birro, piano
Salvatore Maiore, bass
Roberto Dani, drums and percussion

mixed by Stefano Amerio, Artesuono Studios
and Luke Atencio, Bluesweats Studios

cover art by Leigh Knowles Metteer
"Where We Meet"
learn more about her work at:

Special thanks to the Petersen clan for their investment in the production of this album.

photography by Silvia Tezza and Kathy Ann Koralek
tags: alternative avant garde improvised music jazz Verona
all rights reserved

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Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Beautiful Are the Poor
J. Kyle Gregory 8:28
2 Beautiful Are Those Who Weep
J. Kyle Gregory 8:12
3 Beautiful Are the Meek
J. Kyle Gregory 4:25
4 Beautiful Are Those Who Hunger for Goodness
J. Kyle Gregory 6:40
5 Beautiful Are the Compassionate
J. Kyle Gregory 8:42
6 Beautiful Are the Pure in Heart
J. Kyle Gregory 4:28
7 Beautiful Are the Peacemakers
J. Kyle Gregory 6:43
8 Beautiful Are Those Persecuted for the Sake of Justice
J. Kyle Gregory 6:28