12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Find Somebody
5 3:03
A2 Watching You
5 4:06
A3 Sweet #1 (Set Me Free)
5 3:23
A4 Love Him in December
5 3:29
A5 Drowning in the Sea of Love
5 4:18
B1 I Think I Can Make It
5 3:17
B2 Hello Again
5 4:04
B3 Dancing, Dancing
5 4:10
B4 Feeling Better
5 4:41
B5 Making Our Dreams Come True
5 2:29


12" Vinyl 1

Sid Sharp and His Magic Strings (tracks A2, B3, B5)
Mike Baird (drummer) (track B5)
James Gordon (Drummer (Derek and the Dominos)) (track B3)
John Guerin (tracks A2, B1)
William Collette (tracks A2, B5)
Clifford Shank (tracks A2, B5)
Ben Benay (tracks A2, B3, B5)
Dennis Budimir (tracks A2, B1, B3)
Steve Cropper (track A2)
Greg Porée (tracks B1, B3)
Lee Ritenour (track B3)
Max Bennett (track B5)
Henry Davis (US soul/funk bassist) (track A2)
José Feliciano (track B1)
James Jamerson (track B3)
Victor Feldman (jazz musician) (tracks A2, B5)
Cyndi Grecco (track B1)
Joe Sample (track A2)
keyboard [keyboards]:
David Foster (Canadian music producer, arranger and composer) (track B5)
Larry Nash (piano) (tracks B1, B3)
horn [horns]:
Marion Childers (tracks B1, B3)
Dick Hyde (tracks A2, B5)
J.J. Johnson (Jazz/bop trombonist/session leader) (tracks B1, B3)
David Luell (tracks A2, B1, B3, B5)
William Peterson (tracks A2, B5)
Clifford Shank (tracks B1, B3)
Bobby Shew (tracks A2, B5)
Phillip Teele (tracks A2, B1, B3, B5)
Graham Young (tracks B1, B3)
José Feliciano (track B1)
Charles Fox (film/TV composer, also Latin pianist) (tracks A2, B3, B5)
background vocals:
Gwen Edwards (doo wop singer) (track B3)
Cyndi Grecco (track B1)
Patricia Henderson (track A2)
Brooks Hunnicutt (track B3)
Myrna Matthews (track A2)
Sherlie Matthews (track A2)
Lisa Roberts (track B3)
Charles Fox (film/TV composer, also Latin pianist) (tracks A2, B5)
lead vocals:
Cyndi Grecco (track B5)
Norman Gimbel (tracks A2, B5)
Ellen Weston (track B5)
Barry Fasman (track B1)
Charles Fox (film/TV composer, also Latin pianist) (track A2)
solo saxophone:
David Luell (track B5)
Laurie Maitland (track B5)
recording of:
Watching You (track A2)

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