12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 My Baby Left Me
Elvis Presley 2:15
A2 Heartbreak Hotel
Elvis Presley 3.75 2:09
A3 Blue Suede Shoes
Elvis Presley 4.5 2:02
A4 Hound Dog
Elvis Presley 3.65 2:18
A5 Love Me Tender
Elvis Presley 3.8 2:47
A6 Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do
Elvis Presley 2:35
A7 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
Elvis Presley 3 1:50
A8 I'm All Shook Up
Elvis Presley 1:59
B1 Don't
Elvis Presley 3.35 2:51
B2 Hard Headed Woman
Elvis Presley 3.5 1:55
B3 King Creole
Elvis Presley 4 2:10
B4 Jailhouse Rock
Elvis Presley 5 2:28
B5 A Big Hunk o' Love
Elvis Presley 2:07
B6 I Got Stung
Elvis Presley 1:52
B7 One Night
Elvis Presley 2 2:33
B8 Stuck on You
Elvis Presley 1 2:21
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 Fever
Elvis Presley 3:35
C2 It's Now or Never
Elvis Presley 2.65 3:16
C3 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Elvis Presley 3 3:08
C4 Wooden Heart
Elvis Presley 1 2:04
C5 Surrender
Elvis Presley 2 1:54
C6 Wild in the Country
Elvis Presley 1:55
C7 Rock-A-Hula-Baby
Elvis Presley 2:00
C8 Can't Help Falling in Love
Elvis Presley 3.65 3:01
D1 Good Luck Charm
Elvis Presley 2:24
D2 Return to Sender
Elvis Presley 3.35 2:07
D3 You're the Devil in Disguise
Elvis Presley 2.65 2:21
D4 Crying in the Chapel
Elvis Presley 2 2:27
D5 Guitar Man
Elvis Presley 2:21
D6 In the Ghetto
Elvis Presley 2:52
D7 Suspicious Minds
Elvis Presley 3.5 4:25
D8 There Goes My Everything
Elvis Presley 3:00


12" Vinyl 1

additional performer:
The Jordanaires (tracks A4, A7, B1–B3, B6, B8)
additional writer:
Vera Matson (1956) (track A5)
Elvis Presley (1956) (track A5)
assistant engineer:
Dan Milazzo (tracks A2, A4–A5, A7, B1–B2, B7–B8)
Claudius Mittendorfer (tracks A2, A4–A5, A7, B1–B2, B7–B8)
Pearl King (track B7)
Anita Steiman (track B7)
Mike Stoller (tracks A4, B1, B3–B4)
Dave Bartholomew (track B7)
Claude Demetrius (track B2)
George R. Poulton (1861) (track A5)
Carl Perkins (American pioneer of rockabilly music) (1955) (tracks A3, A3)
J. Leslie McFarland (composer) (1960-03-20) (track B8)
Ray Bardani (tracks A2, A4–A5, A7, B1–B2, B7–B8)
lead vocals:
Elvis Presley (tracks A2–A4, A7, B1–B3, B6–B8)
Elvis Presley (1956-09-01) (track A5)
Pearl King (track B7)
Anita Steiman (track B7)
Dave Bartholomew (track B7)
Claude Demetrius (track B2)
Jerry Leiber (tracks A4, B1, B3–B4)
Carl Perkins (American pioneer of rockabilly music) (1955) (tracks A3, A3)
Ken Darby (1956) (track A5)
Aaron Schroeder (50s/60s US songwriter) (1960-03-20) (track B8)
Ted Jensen (American mastering engineer) (tracks A2, A4, B1–B2, B7)
George Marino (track B8)
Ray Bardani (track B8)
David Bendeth (track B8)
Ben Speer (track A2)
Gordon Stoker (track A2)
Jon Dodson (1956-09-01) (track A5)
Charles Prescott (1956-09-01) (track A5)
Rad Robinson (1956-09-01) (track A5)
Mae Boren Axton (track A2)
Thomas Durden (track A2)
David Hill (US songwriter) (track B6)
Bernie Lowe (track A7)
Kal Mann (track A7)
Aaron Schroeder (50s/60s US songwriter) (tracks B5–B6)
Harold Schroeder (track A6)
Ben Weisman (track A6)
Sid Wyche (track B5)
Elvis Presley (track A2)
Hi Lo Music (tracks A3, A3)
Jerry Leiber Music (track B4)
Mike Stoller Music (ASCAP) (track B4)
Sony/ATV Songs LLC (tracks A2, B4)
Elvis Presley Music (1956 –) (track A5)
Love Me Tender (legacy edition remaster) by Elvis Presley (track A5)
part of:
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 45) (track A2)
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 423) (track A3)
cover recording of:
My Baby Left Me (track A1)
Blue Suede Shoes (1956-01-30) (track A3)
Hound Dog (1956-07-02) (track A4)
One Night (1957-02-23) (track B7)
later parody versions:
Cut-Rate Hotel (track A2)
Found God (track A4)
H.B. Hotel (track A2)
Jail Got Rocked (track B4)
later translated parody versions:
Aagot Stang (track B6)
Bullhouse Rock (track B4)
later translated versions:
Estima'm tendrament (track A5)
G'nagelte Schuach (tracks A3, A3)
Mit dir leben! (track A5)
Oa Nacht mit dir (track B7)
Rey criollo (track B3)
Zapatos de ante azul (tracks A3, A3)
Zuchthaus Rock (track B4)
監獄ロック (track B4)
live cover recording of:
Blue Suede Shoes (track A3)
recording of:
A Big Hunk o' Love (track B5)
I Got Stung (track B6)
Jailhouse Rock (track B4)
King Creole (track B3)
Heartbreak Hotel (1956-01-10) (track A2)
Love Me Tender (1956-09-01) (track A5)
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (1957-01-15 – 1957-01-18) (track A7)
Don't (1957-09-06) (track B1)
Hard Headed Woman (1958-01-15) (track B2)
Stuck on You (1960-03-20) (track B8)
referred to in medleys:
Raggarkungen (tracks A2–A3, A3, A7)
Good Old Rock 'N Roll (tracks A3, A3)
Swing the Mood (tracks A4, B4)
version of:
Aura Lea (track A5)
One Night (Of Sin) (track B7)

12" Vinyl 2

additional performer:
The Jordanaires (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D3)
The Jordanaires (1960-10-31) (track D4)
Peter Herbolzheimer (track C1)
assistant engineer:
Dan Milazzo (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D4, D7)
Claudius Mittendorfer (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D4, D7)
audio engineer:
Jeff Juliano (tracks C2, D7)
choir vocals:
The Jordanaires (track D3)
Mac Davis (track D6)
Dallas Frazier (track D8)
Lou Handman (track C3)
Jerry Reed (track D5)
Eduardo di Capua (track C2)
Mark James (Francis Rodney Zambon, composer of "Suspicious Minds") (tracks D7, D7)
Artie Glenn (1953) (track D4)
Ray Bardani (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D4, D7)
lead vocals:
Elvis Presley (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D3, D7)
Elvis Presley (1960-10-31) (track D4)
Mac Davis (track D6)
Dallas Frazier (track D8)
Wally Gold (track C2)
Jerry Reed (track D5)
Aaron Schroeder (50s/60s US songwriter) (track C2)
Mark James (Francis Rodney Zambon, composer of "Suspicious Minds") (tracks D7, D7)
Roy Turk (track C3)
Artie Glenn (1953) (track D4)
George Marino (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D4, D7)
Ray Bardani (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D4, D7)
David Bendeth (tracks C2–C5, C8, D2–D4, D7)
Chet Atkins (track C1)
Steve Sholes (track C1)
Bernie Baum (track D3)
Otis Blackwell (track D2)
Eddie Cooley (track C1)
Luigi Creatore (track C8)
John Davenport (songwriter Otis Blackwell) (track C1)
Bill Giant (Bill (Harvey) Zimmerman) (track D3)
Wally Gold (track D1)
Bert Kaempfert (German easy listening and jazz-orientated orchestra leader, music producer, and songwriter, 1923-1980) (track C4)
Florence Kaye (track D3)
Hugo Peretti (track C8)
Doc Pomus (track C5)
Aaron Schroeder (50s/60s US songwriter) (track D1)
Winfield Scott (track D2)
Mort Shuman (track C5)
Kay Twomey (track C4)
Ben Weisman (track C4)
George David Weiss (track C8)
Fred Wise (track C4)
B-n-B Music Inc. (track D6)
Gladys Music Inc. (track D6)
Intersong (German publisher) (track C8)
Lark Music Ltd. (track C1)
recorded at:
sampled by:
Balsa by Gustavo Cerati (track C2)
cover recording of:
Fever (track C1)
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (1960-04-03) (track C3)
Crying in the Chapel (1960-10-31) (track D4)
Suspicious Minds (1969-01-22) (track D7)
There Goes My Everything (1965 song) (1971) (track D8)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
Wise Men Still (track C8)
later translated parody versions:
Ana geht no (track D6)
Fieber (track C1)
In the Jura-Ghetto (track D6)
later translated versions:
Cesta rájem (track D4)
Comment ne pas être amoureux de vous ? (French translation transl) (track C8)
Fieber (track C1)
Fieber (track C1)
Im Getto (track D6)
Todo irá bien (Spanish translation) (track C8)
¿Estás sola esta noche? (spanish translation of Are You Lonesome Tonight?) (track C3)
フィーバー (track C1)
好きにならずにいられない (“Can’t Help Falling in Love” Japanese version) (track C8)
情難再續 (track C3)
木屋區 (track D6)
later versions:
Visor (track C1)
live cover recording of:
Suspicious Minds (track D7)
live recording of:
In the Ghetto (track D6)
recording of:
Good Luck Charm (track D1)
Guitar Man (track D5)
It’s Now or Never (1960-04-03) (track C2)
Wooden Heart (1960-04-28) (track C4)
Surrender (1960-10-30) (track C5)
Can’t Help Falling in Love (1961-03-23) (track C8)
Return to Sender (1962-03-27) (track D2)
(You’re the) Devil in Disguise (1963-05-26) (track D3)
referred to in medleys:
translated version of:
Torna a Surriento (track C5)
version of:
’O sole mio (track C2)

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