Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Sonata I in major
Georg Muffat 11:53
A2 Sonata IV in E minor
Georg Muffat 7:22
A3 Sonata III in A minor
Georg Muffat 9:28
B1 Sonata II in G minor
Georg Muffat 12:35
B2 Sonata V in G major
Georg Muffat 16:50


Vinyl 1

Georg Muffat (tracks A1–B2)
Roy Goodman (conductor and violinist) (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (tracks A1–B2)
Peter Holman (conductor and organist) (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (tracks A1–B2)
The Parley of Instruments (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (tracks A1–B2)
Martin Compton (producer) (tracks A1–B2)
recording engineer:
Tony Faulkner (recording engineer) (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (tracks A1–B2)
recorded at:
St. Jude-on-the-Hill in Hampstead, Camden, London, United Kingdom (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (tracks A1–B2)
part of:
Armonico tributo (part of collection) (tracks A1–B2)
recording of:
Armonico tributo: Sonata I in D major (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (track A1)
Armonico tributo: Sonata II in G minor (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (track B1)
Armonico tributo: Sonata III in A major (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (track A3)
Armonico tributo: Sonata IV in E minor (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (track A2)
Armonico tributo: Sonata V in G major (1981-04-29 – 1981-04-30) (track B2)


executive producer: Edward Perry (producer and founder of hyperion, aka Ted Perry)
graphic design: Terry Shannon (designer)
liner notes: Roy Goodman (conductor and violinist)
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