Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 I Got Love
Dave Stewart, Joss Stone 4:48
2 Just Another Fall
Dave Stewart, Diane Birch 4:09
3 A Different Man Now
Dave Stewart 4:16
4 Drowning in the Blues
Dave Stewart, Alison Krauss 3:47
5 Girl in a Catsuit
Dave Stewart, Orianthi 5:20
6 Slow Motion Addict No. 2
Dave Stewart 5:55
7 You Took My Love
Dave Stewart 5:39
8 God Only Knows You Now
Dave Stewart, Jessie Baylin 4:17
9 The Ringmaster General
Dave Stewart 6:01
10 Story of Success
Dave Stewart 2:59
11 A New Song for Nashville
Dave Stewart 3:29


Digital Media 1

John McBride (tracks 1–11)
John McBride (tracks 1–11)
Michael Bradford (tracks 1–11)
Dave Stewart (UK guitarist/singer for Eurythmics) (tracks 1–11)
Jessie Baylin (track 8)
Dave Stewart (UK guitarist/singer for Eurythmics) (tracks 1–11)
recording of:
Girl in a Catsuit (track 5)
I Got Love (track 1)
Just Another Fall (track 2)
Story of Success (track 10)
You Took My Love (track 7)


mastering: Richard Dodd (mastering engineer, producer and engineer)
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