Capitol's Beatles box set consists of a black, oak wood roll-top box made in the U.K. and comes with its own book that contains a detailed history of each track and with commentary on the songs by Beatles recording historian Mark Lewisohn. The box contains all 13 previously released Beatles CDs, including the 1988 compilations Past Masters: Volume One and Past Masters: Volume Two, which grouped together singles, B-sides, EP tracks, and foreign releases not found on the band's UK studio albums. Although all these albums had been previously available in stereo on both LP and cassette, the versions of the first four albums included in The Beatles Box Set were the digitally remastered mono mixes issued on CD over 1987–88.

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CD 1: Please Please Me
CD 2: With the Beatles
CD 3: A Hard Day’s Night
CD 4: Beatles for Sale
CD 5: Help!
CD 6: Rubber Soul
CD 7: Revolver
CD 8: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
CD 9: Magical Mystery Tour
CD 10: The Beatles
CD 11: The Beatles
CD 12: Yellow Submarine
CD 13: Abbey Road
CD 14: Let It Be
CD 15: Past Masters, Volume One
CD 16: Past Masters, Volume Two