CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Underwhelmed
4 4:45
2 Raspberry
2 4:02
3 I Am the Cancer
3 3:41
4 Median Strip
3 3:36
5 Take It In
3 3:59
6 500 Up
4.5 4:21
7 Marcus Said
2 4:32
8 Sugartune
2 3:33
9 Left of Centre
3 2:33
10 Lemonzinger
3 4:11
11 Two Seater
2 3:06
12 What's There to Decide?
3 4:21


CD 1

guest background vocals:
Jennifer Pierce (track 12)
recorded at:
music videos:
Underwhelmed by Sloan (track 1)
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 165) (track 1)
recording of:
Marcus Said (track 7)
Sugartune (track 8)
Underwhelmed (track 1)


drums and guitar family: Andrew Scott (drummer for Sloan)
bass: Chris Murphy (Member of the band Sloan)
bass and guitar family: Patrick Pentland
guitar family: Jay Ferguson (Canadian rhythm guitarist, member of .ca band "Sloan")
additional mixer: Kevin Becka
art direction: Michael Golob
composer: Sloan (Canadian power pop band)
engineer: Terry Pulliam
graphic design: Michael Golob
mastering: George Marino
mixer: Dave Ogilvie
photography: Alison Dyer
Chris Murphy (Member of the band Sloan)
producer: Terry Pulliam
Sloan (Canadian power pop band)
vocals: Jay Ferguson (Canadian rhythm guitarist, member of .ca band "Sloan")
Chris Murphy (Member of the band Sloan)
Patrick Pentland
Andrew Scott (drummer for Sloan)
ASIN: US: B00000DD4M [info]

Release Group

artist & repertoire support: Todd Sullivan
associated singles/EPs: Take It In by Sloan
Underwhelmed by Sloan
part of: East Coast Music Association Factor Recording of the Year Nominees (number: 1993)
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Wikidata: Q3486936 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Smeared [info]