12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 We Don’t Care
Kanye West 2.5 4:00
A2 Graduation Day
Kanye West 1 1:22
A3 All Falls Down
Kanye West feat. Syleena Johnson 3.35 3:44
A4 Spaceship
Kanye West feat. GLC & Consequence 3.35 5:24
A5 Jesus Walks
Kanye West 4.25 3:14
B1 Never Let Me Down
Kanye West feat. Jay‐Z & J. Ivy 3.5 5:24
B2 Get Em High
Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli & Common 2.5 4:49
B3 The New Workout Plan
Kanye West 3.5 5:23
B4 Through the Wire
Kanye West 4 3:41
C1 Slow Jamz
Kanye West feat. Twista & Jamie Foxx 3 5:16
C2 Breathe In Breathe Out
Kanye West feat. Ludacris 2 4:07
C3 School Spirit
Kanye West 2 3:02
C4 Two Words
Kanye West feat. Mos Def, Freeway & The Harlem Boys Choir 2 4:26
D1 Family Business
Kanye West 3 4:39
D2 Last Call
Kanye West 1.5 12:41


12" Vinyl 1

acoustic guitar:
Ken Lewis (Recording Engineer and Mixer) (track A3)
Miri Ben‐Ari (tracks A1–A2, A5, B3, C2, C4)
violin arranger:
Miri Ben‐Ari (tracks A1–A2, A5, B3, C2, C4)
bass guitar:
Keenan "Kee-note" Holloway (tracks B1, C1)
bass guitar, guitar, keyboard and percussion:
Ken Lewis (Recording Engineer and Mixer) (track D2)
Eric "E-Bass" Johnson (hip hop guitarist & producer) (track A2)
Ken Lewis (Recording Engineer and Mixer) (track A2)
Frank "Knuckles" Walker (tracks A2, B1, C1)
Ervin Pope (tracks B1, C1)
Keith Slattery (track C4)
Ervin Pope (tracks B3, D2)
Josh Zandman (track D1)
John Legend (tracks A2, C1)
guitar family:
Glenn Jefferey (tracks B1, C1, D2)
Eric "E-Bass" Johnson (hip hop guitarist & producer) (tracks A3, B3)
additional bass guitar:
additional guest vocals:
additional instruments arranger:
Ken Lewis (Recording Engineer and Mixer) (track D1)
additional producer:
Porse (track D2)
additional vocals:
Sumeke Rainey (tracks B2–B3)
Tony Williams (soul/R&B singer/writer) (tracks A4, C3, D2)
Thomasina Atkins (track D1)
DeRay Davis (track C3)
Thai Jones (track D1)
John Legend (tracks A1, A4–A5, B3, D2)
Tarrey Torae (track D1)
Aisha Tyler (track C1)
Riccarda Watkins (track A1)
background vocals:
Keyshia Cole (track A1)
John Legend (track B1)
Tracie Spencer (US R&B & pop singer) (track B1)
Evidence (US rapper, member of Dilated Peoples) (track D2)
Lonnie Rashid Lynn (US rapper) (track B2)
Leonard Harris (US rapper) (track A4)
Shawn Carter (US rapper) (track B1)
Bosko Kante (track B3)
Ken Lewis (Recording Engineer and Mixer) (track D2)
Leslie Pridgen (track C4)
Sumeke Rainey (track B3)
James Richardson (J. Ivy) (track B1)
Dante Smith (track C4)
Talib Kweli Greene (track B2)
Carl Terrell Mitchell (US rapper) (track C1)
Kanye West (tracks A1–B3, C1–D2)
Tony Williams (soul/R&B singer/writer) (tracks A4, D2)
Miri Ben‐Ari (tracks A1–A2, A5, B3)
John Legend (tracks A2, B3)
guest performer:
Lonnie Rashid Lynn (US rapper) (track B2)
Consequence (US rapper) (track A4)
Jamie Foxx (Actor, comedian, and singer) (track C1)
Freeway (US rapper Leslie Pridgen) (track C4)
Leonard Harris (US rapper) (track A4)
J. Ivy (track B1)
Shawn Carter (US rapper) (track B1)
Syleena Johnson (track A3)
Ludacris (US American rapper and actor) (track C2)
Mos Def (track C4)
Talib Kweli Greene (track B2)
Carl Terrell Mitchell (US rapper) (track C1)
Mike Dean (US "dirty south" hip-hop producer & mix engineer) (track C4)
Jared Lopez (track B3)
Manny Marroquin (tracks A1–C3, D1–D2)
Veit Renn (track B3)
recording engineer:
Keith Slattery (tracks B3, C4)
Rich Balmer (track A1)
Dave Dar (track B2)
Andrew Dawson (US mix engineer) (tracks A4–A5, B3, C3)
Marc Fuller (track C4)
Franny Graham (track B4)
Anthony Kilhoffer (tracks A2, B1–B2)
Brent Kolatalo (tracks B1, D2)
Jason Rauhoff (track C2)
Tatsuya Sato (tracks A3–A5)
Eugene A. Toale (tracks A1–A2, A5, B3, C2)
Rabeka Tunei (tracks A3–A4, B1, C3, D1–D2)
Carlisle Young (track C4)
Ken Lewis (Recording Engineer and Mixer) (track D2)
John Legend (track A2)
David Foster (Canadian music producer, arranger and composer) (track B4)
Tom Keane (of The Keane Brothers) (track B4)
Cynthia Weil (track B4)
Kanye West (track B4)
Evening High by dj BC (track B2)
Jesus Walks (remix) by Kanye West feat. Common & Mase (track A5)
sampled by:
Caved In by CunninLynguists feat. Cee Lo Green (track C4)
Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye (track A4)
Mystery of Iniquity (live, 2001-07-21: MTV Studios, New York City, NY, USA) by Lauryn Hill (track A3)
Walk With Me by The ARC Choir (track A5)
is based on:
Through the Fire (track B4)
recording of:
All Falls Down (track A3)
Family Business (track D1)
Get Em High (track B2)
Graduation Day (track A2)
Jesus Walks (track A5)
Last Call (track D2)
Never Let Me Down (track B1)
School Spirit (track C3)
Slow Jamz (track C1)
Spaceship (track A4)
Through the Wire (track B4)
Two Words (track C4)
We Don't Care (track A1)