12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 All or Nothing at All
5 ?:??
A2 After All
A3 I've Got My Eyes on You
A4 Polka Dots and Moonbeams
A5 Deep Night
A6 Whispering
A7 The Sky Fell Down
A8 On The Isle of May
A9 It's a Blue World
A10 Fable of Roses
B1 Marie
B2 I'll Get By
B3 A Lover Is Blue
B4 Careless
B5 I'll Never Smile Again
B6 Our Love Affair
B7 East of The Sun
B8 The One I Love
B9 Shadows on the Sand
B10 That's How it Goes
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 I Get a Kick Out of You
C2 Let's Get Lost
C3 Embraceable You
C4 Night and Day
C5 Close to You
C6 I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night
C7 Falling in Love With Love
C8 The Music Stopped
C9 My Ideal
C10 Speak Low
D1 People Will Say We're in Love
D2 Long Ago and Far Away
D3 I'll Get By
D4 Sweet Lorraine
D5 Swinging on a Star
D6 These Foolish Things
D7 The Very Thought of You
D8 All The Things You Are
D9 My Melancholy Baby
D10 Homesick, That's All
12" Vinyl 3
# Title Rating Length
E1 Till The End of Time
E2 What Makes the Sunset?
E3 I Fall in Love Too Easily
E4 I Begged Her
E5 Don't Forget Tonight Tomorrow
E6 That's for Me
E7 I Found a New Baby
E8 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
E9 Aren't You Glad You're You?
E10 It Might as Well Be Spring
F1 Lilly Belle
F2 If I Loved You
F3 Slowly
F4 Great Day
F5 I Only Have Eyes For You
F6 Oh, What it Seemed to Be
F7 Full Moon and Empty Arms
F8 Exactly Like You
F9 Summertime/ It Ain't Necessarily So/ Bess, Oh Where's My Bess
12" Vinyl 4
# Title Rating Length
G1 I Fall in Love With You Every Day
G2 It's a Good Day
G3 My Sugar Is So Refined
G4 Ole Buttermilk Sky
G5 Lullaby of Broadway
G6 I Won't Dance
G7 The Touch of Your Hand
G8 Why Was I Born?
G9 All Through the Day
G10 Make Believe
G11 The Song is You
G12 All The Things You Are
H1 You Can't See the Sun When You're Crying
H2 The Anniversary Song
H3 You Do
H4 Let It Snow!
H5 I Wish I Didn't Love You So
H6 Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
H7 Nature Boy
H8 My Haunted Heart
H9 Little White Lies
H10 A Tree in the Meadow
12" Vinyl 5
# Title Rating Length
I1 It Only Happens When I Dance With You
I2 My Happiness
I3 O Sole Mio
I4 I Found a New Baby
I5 It Isn't Fair
I6 Body and Soul
I7 When You're Smiling
I8 I've Got A Crush On You
I9 My Foolish Heart
I10 The Best Things in Life Are Free
I11 I Love You
4 ?:??
J1 Why Remind Me?
J2 Just You, Just Me
J3 Somebody Loves Me
J4 Polka Dots and Moonbeams
J5 Sorry
J6 Young at Heart
4 ?:??
J7 Among My Souvenirs
J8 September Song
J9 As Time Goes By
J10 Take a Chance
J11 Till We Meet Again
J12 Meet Me in Dreamland
J13 There's a Long, Long Trail
12" Vinyl 6
# Title Rating Length
K1 Don't Blame Me
K2 S'wonderful
K3 It All Depends on You
K4 Night and Day
K5 Somebody Loves Me
K6 Nevertheless
K7 On the Sunny Side of the Street
K8 Love Me or Leave Me
K9 Try a Little Tenderness
K10 Out of Nowhere
L1 I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
L2 What Can I Say?
L3 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
L4 One Hundred Years From Today
L5 I'm in the Mood For Love
L6 Tenderly
L7 Hello Young Lovers
L8 She's Funny That Way
L9 I Don't Know Why
L10 Come Rain or Come Shine


12" Vinyl 1

Victor Arno (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Israel Baker (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Harry Bluestone (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Herman Clebanoff (1961-09-12) (track A9)
David Frisina (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Ben Gill (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Anatol Kaminsky (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Dan Lube (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Erno Neufeld (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Lou Raderman (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Nathan Ross (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Felix Slatkin (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Joseph DiTullio (cellist) (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Edgar Lustgarten (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Kurt Reher (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Eleanor Slatkin (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Gene Cipriano (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Justin Gordon (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Harry Klee (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Ronnie Lang (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Ted Nash (40s-80s US swing reedman, uncle of the other) (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Irving "Babe" Russin (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Wilbur Schwartz (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Pete Candoli (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Vito N. Mangano (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Uan Rasey (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Rubin "Zeke" Zarchy (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Alvin Dinkin (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Virginia Majewski (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Alexander Neiman (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Paul Robyn (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Irv Cottler (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Al Viola (1961-09-12) (track A9)
double bass:
Joe Comfort (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Emil Richards (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1961-09-12) (track A9)
bass trombone:
George Roberts (american bass trombone) (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Veryle Brilhart (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Milt Bernhart (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Dick Nash (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Dick Noel (1961-09-12) (track A9)
French horn:
John Cave (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Vincent DeRosa (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Richard Perissi (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Heine Beau (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Nelson Riddle (1966-05-16) (track A1)
Fred E. Ahlert (track B2)
Louis Alter (track A7)
Arthur Altman (track A1)
Wilhelm Grosz (track B9)
Charles Henderson (track A5)
Jack Lawrence (US songwriter) (track A1)
Vincent Rose (track A6)
Jimmy Van Heusen (track A4)
Irving Berlin (track B1)
Ruth Lowe (track B5)
Isham Jones (1924) (track B8)
Brooks Bowman (1934) (track B7)
Roger Edens (1939) (track B6)
Axel Stordahl (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Nelson Riddle (1966-05-16) (track A1)
Eddie Brackett (1966-05-16) (track A1)
Lee Herschberg (1966-05-16) (track A1)
lead vocals:
Frank Sinatra (1966-05-16) (track A1)
Jack Lawrence (US songwriter) (track A1)
Stanley Adams (US lyricist & songwriter) (track B9)
Irving Berlin (track B1)
Johnny Burke (American lyricist, 1908-1964) (track A4)
Richard Coburn (track A6)
Edward Heyman (track A7)
Ruth Lowe (track B5)
John Schoenberger (track A6)
Roy Turk (track B2)
Rudy Vallée (track A5)
Gus Kahn (1924) (track B8)
Brooks Bowman (1934) (track B7)
Arthur Freed (1939) (track B6)
Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Dave Cavanaugh (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Sonny Burke (1966-05-16) (track A1)
Frank Sinatra (1961-09-12) (track A9)
Charles Carpenter (track B3)
George Forrest (American composer and lyricist) (track A9)
Eddy Howard (track B4)
Dick Jurgens (track B4)
James R. Mundy (track B3)
Josef Myrow (track A10)
Cole Porter (track A3)
Lew Quadling (track B4)
Bickley Reichner (track A10)
Robert Wright (US stage & screen composer & lyricist) (track A9)
Trummy Young (track B3)
phonographic copyright by:
Frank Sinatra Enterprises, LLC (1966) (track A1)
Frank Sinatra Enterprises, LLC (2009) (track A1)
Chappell & Co. (track B7)
MCA Music Publishing (renamed since c. 1996 as Universal Music Publishing Group) (track A1)
Pickwick Music (publisher) (track B5)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track A6)
recorded at:
Capitol Studios (Hollywood, CA) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1961-09-12) (track A9)
All or Nothing At All ("A Man and His Music" edit) by Frank Sinatra (track A1)
later parody versions:
I'll Get By (Sinatra / Crosby parody) (track B2)
recording of:
A Lover Is Blue (track B3)
Careless (track B4)
Deep Night (track A5)
Marie (track B1)
Shadows on the Sand (track B9)
The Fable of the Rose (track A10)
The Sky Fell Down (track A7)
Whispering (track A6)
Our Love Affair (1940-08-29) (track B6)
It's a Blue World (1961-09-12) (track A9)
All or Nothing at All (1966-05-16) (track A1)

12" Vinyl 2

additional composer:
Harry Link (track D6)
Joe Lovano (track C3)
Axel Stordahl (tracks C8, D8–D9)
Fred E. Ahlert (track D3)
Burt Bacharach (track C5)
Newell Chase (track C9)
Jerome Kern (track D2)
Jimmy McHugh (songwriter) (tracks C6, C8)
Ray Noble (track D7)
Richard Rodgers (track D1)
Kurt Weill (track C10)
Richard A. Whiting (track C9)
Ernie Burnett (1911) (track D9)
Cliff Burwell (1928) (track D4)
George Gershwin (composer) (1928) (track C3)
Cole Porter (1932) (track C4)
Cole Porter (1934) (track C1)
Jack Strachey (1935) (track D6)
Richard Rodgers (1938) (track C7)
Jerome Kern (1939) (track D8)
Jimmy Van Heusen (1944) (track D5)
Axel Stordahl (track D8)
lead vocals:
Frank Sinatra (tracks C8, D8–D9)
Ray Noble (track D7)
Harold Adamson (tracks C6, C8)
Hal David (track C5)
Ira Gershwin (track D2)
Ogden Nash (track C10)
Leo Robin (track C9)
Roy Turk (track D3)
George A. Norton (1912) (track D9)
Ira Gershwin (1928) (track C3)
Mitchell Parish (1928) (track D4)
Cole Porter (1932) (track C4)
Cole Porter (1934) (track C1)
Eric Maschwitz (1935) (track D6)
Lorenz Hart (1938) (track C7)
Oscar Hammerstein II (1939) (track D8)
Johnny Burke (American lyricist, 1908-1964) (1944) (track D5)
Ken Lane Singers (track D8)
Frank Sinatra (track C7)
Gordon Jenkins (track D10)
Frank Loesser (track C2)
Jimmy McHugh (songwriter) (track C2)
phonographic copyright by:
Masterworks Series (2013) (track C7)
Bourne Co. (track D6)
Casa David LP (track C5)
Chappell Music (track C1)
Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks C1, C4)
Harms, Inc. (tracks C1, C4)
Lafleur Music Ltd. (track D6)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track D7)
T.B. Harms Co. (track D8)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track D2)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track C3)
T.B. Harms (US sheet music publisher 1875 sold to Warner Brothers 1929 sold to Welk Music 1970) (1944) (track D2)
recorded at:
Speak Low (from "One Touch of Venus") (Fox Trot Arrangement (Beguine Tempo)) (track C10)
cover recording of:
(They Long to Be) Close to You (1970-10-29) (track C5)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
I'll Get By (Sinatra / Crosby parody) (track D3)
later translated versions:
Abraçável você (track C3)
Ich hab’ die ganze Nacht geweint (I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night) (track C6)
Nah bei dir (track C5)
Obsession (track D7)
Så tyst (track C10)
Tout le jour, toute la nuit (Night and Day; du film "Joyeuse divorcée") (track C4)
カフェにて (track C5)
later versions:
Baby Girl (track D6)
Såna små ting (track D6)
À toi de choisir (Swinging On A Star) (track D5)
part of:
Anything Goes (track C1)
Crazy For You (1992 Musical) (track C3)
Gay Divorce (track C4)
Girl Crazy (1930 Musical) (track C3)
One Touch of Venus (track C10)
Oklahoma! (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (track D1)
recording of:
All the Things You Are (from Very Warm for May) (track D8)
Embraceable You (track C3)
Homesick, That's All (track D10)
Let’s Get Lost (track C2)
My Ideal (from "Playboy of Paris") (track C9)
Night and Day (Cole Porter song) (track C4)
Sweet Lorraine (track D4)
The Music Stopped (track C8)
One Touch of Venus: Speak Low (1943-12-05) (track C10)
My Melancholy Baby (1945-01-29) (track D9)
Falling in Love With Love (1961-05-19) (track C7)
The Very Thought of You (1962-06-12) (track D7)
Swinging on a Star (1964-01-27) (track D5)
referred to in medleys:
Big Band Swing (track D5)
Bing Crosby Medley (track D5)
Oklahoma Suite! (track D1)
Carpenters Medley (single mix) (track C5)
version of:
Melancholy (original 1911 version of "My Melancholy Baby", lyrics by Maybelle E. Watson) (track D9)

12" Vinyl 3

recorded in:
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Victor Arno (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Peter Ellis (violinist) (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Sam Freed (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Gerald Joyce (1945-05-01) (track F2)
George Kast (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Sol Kindler (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Samuel Levine (violinist) (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Anthony Perrotti (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Nick Pisani (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Ted Rosen (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Mischa Russell (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Olcott Vail (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Fred Goerner (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Arthur Kafton (1945-05-01) (track F2)
John Sewell (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Charles Griffard (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Leonard Mach (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Horace Nelson (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Allan Harshman (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Maurice Perlmutter (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Dave Sterkin (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Ray Hagan (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Dave Barbour (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Artie Shapiro (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Heine Beau (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Manny Gershman (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Leonard Hartman (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Herbie Haymer (1945-05-01) (track F2)
David Mann (American songwriter) (track E3)
Mark McIntyre (American pianist, orchestra leader and songwriter.) (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Irma Clow (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Carl Loeffler (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Jimmy Skiles (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Paul Weigand (1945-05-01) (track F2)
French horn:
James Stagliano (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Axel Stordahl (tracks E3, F2, F7)
Harry Carroll (track E8)
Fryderyk Chopin (composer) (track E8)
George Gershwin (composer) (tracks F9, F9, F9)
Richard Rodgers (track F2)
Leo "Ukie" Sherin (track E5)
Jule Styne (tracks E2–E4)
Harry Warren (US composer and lyricist) (track F5)
Vincent Youmans (track F4)
Jimmy McHugh (songwriter) (1930) (track F8)
Ted Mossman (1945) (track E1)
Richard Rodgers (1945) (tracks E6, E10)
Jimmy Van Heusen (1945) (track E9)
Axel Stordahl (track E3)
Axel Stordahl (1945-05-01) (track F2)
lead vocals:
Frank Sinatra (tracks E3, E9)
Frank Sinatra (1945-05-01) (track F2)
Sammy Cahn (tracks E2–E4)
Al Dubin (track F5)
Edward Eliscu (track F4)
Ira Gershwin (tracks F9, F9, F9)
DuBose Heyward (tracks F9, F9, F9)
Joseph McCarthy (songwriter/lyricist) (track E8)
Jay Milton (track E5)
Billy Rose (track F4)
Dorothy Fields (US Tin Pan Alley librettist and lyricist) (1930) (track F8)
Johnny Burke (American lyricist, 1908-1964) (1945) (track E9)
Oscar Hammerstein II (1945) (tracks E6, E10)
Buddy Kaye (1945) (track E1)
Frank Sinatra (track F7)
Bennie Benjamin (track F6)
Frankie Carle (track F6)
Dave Franklin (songwriter) (track F1)
Kermit Goell (track F3)
Buddy Kaye (track F7)
Ted Mossman (track F7)
Jack Palmer (Jazz pianist and composer) (track E7)
David Raksin (track F3)
Irving Taylor (track F1)
George David Weiss (track F6)
Spencer Williams (US jazz composer, pianist & singer) (track E7)
B. Feldman & Co. (track F5)
B. Feldman Ltd. (track F5)
Burton Avenue Songs (track E8)
Chappell & Co. (track F9)
Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks E10, F9)
EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. (ASCAP) (track E8)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (track F7)
Warner/Chappell (track F9)
株式会社ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (track E8)
Ira Gershwin Music (1935) (track F9)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (1935) (track F9)
was commissioned by:
Gershwin Publishing Corp (1935) (track F9)
Summertime (catch-all for arrangements) (track F9)
cover recording of:
If I Loved You (Carousel) (1945-05-01) (track F2)
is based on:
is the basis for:
Doin’ Time (track F9)
Summertime (Rick Wakeman arrangement) (track F9)
The Bones of You (track F9)
later translated parody versions:
Tschibuti (track F9)
later translated versions:
C'est l'été (track F9)
If I Loved You (Japanese version) (track F2)
L'amour viendra (If I Loved You) (track F2)
Sommartid (track F9)
Summa is (track F9)
月に願いを (track F7)
later versions:
It Ain't Necessarily So (from 'Porgy and Bess') (arrangement for 48 violas) (track F9)
medley including a recording of:
It Ain’t Necessarily So (jazz standard originally from Porgy and Bess; catch-all for unspecified pop and jazz arrangements) (track F9)
Summertime (American songbook standard from 1935 opera Porgy and Bess) (track F9)
part of:
State Fair (tracks E6, E10)
State Fair (1962 film soundtrack) (tracks E6, E10)
State Fair (1945 film soundtrack) (tracks E6, E10)
Carousel (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (track F2)
recording of:
Exactly Like You (track F8)
I Begged Her (track E4)
It Might as Well Be Spring (State Fair) (track E10)
Lily Belle (track F1)
Slowly (track F3)
That’s for Me (State Fair) (track E6)
Aren’t You Glad You're You? (1945-10-03) (track E9)
referred to in medleys:
Overture (track E1)
Perry Como Medley (track E1)
Porgy and Bess Suite (tracks F9, F9, F9)
Carousel Suite (track F2)
Ja-Da Medley (track F8)
version of:

12" Vinyl 4

Al Aarons (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Sonny Cohn (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Thad Jones (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Al Porcino (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Sonny Payne (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Freddie Green (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Buddy Catlett (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Eric Dixon (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Frank Foster (saxophonist) (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Charlie Fowlkes (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Marshall Royal (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Frank Wess (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Count Basie (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Henry Coker (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Benny Powell (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Jeff Alexander (track H7)
Axel Stordahl (track G12)
choir vocals:
chorus master:
Jeff Alexander (track H7)
Hoagy Carmichael (track G4)
Walter Donaldson (track H9)
Jerome Kern (tracks G6–G7, G10–G11)
Sidney Lippman (track G3)
Josef Myrow (track H3)
Billy Reid (UK orchestra leader and songwriter) (track H10)
Arthur Schwartz (track H8)
Frank Loesser (track H5)
Iosif Ivanovici (1880) (track H2)
Jerome Kern (1929) (track G8)
Harry Barris (1931) (track H6)
Harry Warren (US composer and lyricist) (1935) (track G5)
Jerome Kern (1939) (track G12)
Jule Styne (1945-07) (track H4)
Saul Chaplin (1946) (track H2)
Al Jolson (1946) (track H2)
Eden Ahbez (1947) (track H7)
Axel Stordahl (track G12)
lead vocals:
Frank Sinatra (tracks G12, H7)
Walter Donaldson (track H9)
Billy Reid (UK orchestra leader and songwriter) (track H10)
Jack Brooks (English-American lyricist) (track G4)
Sylvia Dee (track G3)
Howard Dietz (track H8)
Al Dubin (track G5)
Dorothy Fields (US Tin Pan Alley librettist and lyricist) (track G6)
Mack Gordon (track H3)
Oscar Hammerstein II (tracks G6, G10–G11)
Otto Harbach (tracks G6–G7)
Frank Loesser (track H5)
Jimmy McHugh (songwriter) (track G6)
Oscar Hammerstein II (1929) (track G8)
Ted Koehler (1931) (track H6)
Billy Moll (1931) (track H6)
Oscar Hammerstein II (1939) (track G12)
Sammy Cahn (1945-07) (track H4)
Eden Ahbez (1947) (track H7)
Ken Lane Singers (track G12)
Frank Sinatra (track H6)
Frank Sinatra (1962-10-02) (track G6)
Arthur Altman (track G1)
Doris Fisher (track H1)
Jerome Kern (track G9)
Allan Roberts (track H1)
Manning Sherwin (track G1)
Frank Loesser (track G1)
phonographic copyright by:
Masterworks Series (2013) (track H6)
Chappell Music Ltd. (track G6)
M. Witmark & Sons (track G5)
T.B. Harms Co. (tracks G6, G12)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track G6)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks H4, H7)
recorded at:
cover recording of:
Nature Boy (track H7)
is the basis for:
Let It Snow (track H4)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
Het is feest (track H4)
Lui, toi et moi (track G11)
Luonnon poika (Luonnonlapsi) (track H7)
later versions:
Lass es schnei’n (track H4)
part of:
42nd Street (full musical) (track G5)
Roberta (track G7)
Show Boat (1951 film) (track G10)
Show Boat: Act I (track G10)
recording of:
A Tree in the Meadow (1948 song) (track H10)
All Through the Day (track G9)
All the Things You Are (from Very Warm for May) (track G12)
Anniversary Song (track H2)
Haunted Heart (track H8)
I Wish I Didn't Love You So (The Perils of Pauline) (track H5)
Little White Lies (track H9)
Lullaby of Broadway (from gold diggers) (track G5)
Make Believe (track G10)
Ole Buttermilk Sky (1946 song) (track G4)
The Song Is You (track G11)
Why Was I Born? (track G8)
You Do (track H3)
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (1954-04-07) (track H6)
I Won’t Dance (1962-10-02) (track G6)
referred to in medleys:
Polarlufteinbruch (track H4)
version of:
Valurile Dunării (track H2)

12" Vinyl 5

recorded in:
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1946-07-30) (track J8)
William Bloom (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Werner Callies (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Walter Edelstein (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Sam Freed (1946-07-30) (track J8)
David Frisina (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Howard Halbert (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Sol Kindler (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Morris King (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Eugene Lamas (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Dan Lube (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Mischa Russell (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Gerald Vinci (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Victor Arno (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Israel Baker (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Harry Bluestone (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Herman Clebanoff (1961-09-12) (track J9)
David Frisina (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Ben Gill (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Anatol Kaminsky (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Dan Lube (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Erno Neufeld (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Lou Raderman (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Nathan Ross (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Felix Slatkin (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Fred Goerner (1946-07-30) (track J8)
John Sewell (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Julius Tannenbaum (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Joseph DiTullio (cellist) (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Edgar Lustgarten (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Kurt Reher (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Eleanor Slatkin (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Gene Cipriano (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Justin Gordon (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Harry Klee (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Ronnie Lang (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Ted Nash (40s-80s US swing reedman, uncle of the other) (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Irving "Babe" Russin (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Wilbur Schwartz (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Bobby Hackett (track I6)
Clyde Hurley (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Manny Klein (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Rubin "Zeke" Zarchy (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Pete Candoli (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Vito N. Mangano (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Uan Rasey (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Rubin "Zeke" Zarchy (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Abe Hochstein (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Alexander Neiman (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Stanley Spiegelman (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Alvin Dinkin (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Virginia Majewski (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Alexander Neiman (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Paul Robyn (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Ray Hagan (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Irv Cottler (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Dave Barbour (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Al Viola (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Phil Stephens (bass and tuba player) (1946-07-30) (track J8)
double bass:
Joe Comfort (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Emil Richards (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Fred Dornbach (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Herbert Haymer (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Jules Kinsler (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Harry Klee (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Mark McIntyre (American pianist, orchestra leader and songwriter.) (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1961-09-12) (track J9)
bass trombone:
George Roberts (american bass trombone) (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Ann Mason (Harpist) (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Veryle Brilhart (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Hoyt Bohannon (1946-07-30) (track J8)
George Jenkins (Trombonist) (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Edward Kuczborski (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Milt Bernhart (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Dick Nash (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Dick Noel (1961-09-12) (track J9)
French horn:
Richard Perissi (1946-07-30) (track J8)
John Cave (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Vincent DeRosa (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Richard Perissi (1961-09-12) (track J9)
additional lyricist:
George Siravo (track I7)
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Axel Stordahl (1961-09-12) (track J9)
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Leo Friedman (track J12)
Ray Henderson (track I10)
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Johnny Richards (track J6)
Larry Shay (track I7)
Doris Tauber (track J1)
Harlan Thompson (track I11)
Jimmy Van Heusen (track J4)
Kurt Weill (track J8)
Victor Young (track I9)
Herman Hupfeld (track J9)
Eduardo di Capua (1898) (track I3)
Richard A. Whiting (1918) (track J11)
George Gershwin (composer) (1924) (track J3)
George Gershwin (composer) (1928) (track I8)
Jesse Greer (1929) (track J2)
Johnny Green (composer and conductor, often credited as John Green) (1930) (track I6)
Irving Berlin (1947) (track I1)
George Siravo (track I7)
Axel Stordahl (track I6)
Nelson Riddle (track J6)
Axel Stordahl (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Axel Stordahl (1961-09-12) (track J9)
lead vocals:
Frank Sinatra (tracks I6–I7, J6)
Frank Sinatra (1946-07-30) (track J8)
Frank Sinatra (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Borney Bergantine (track I2)
Harlan Thompson (track I11)
Maxwell Anderson (track J8)
Lew Brown (track I10)
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Herman Hupfeld (track J9)
Stoddard King (track J13)
Carolyn Leigh (track J6)
Edgar Leslie (track J7)
Ballard MacDonald (track J3)
Sis Willner Philbin (track J1)
Ned Washington (track I9)
Beth Whitson (track J12)
Giovanni Capurro (1898) (track I3)
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Ira Gershwin (1928) (track I8)
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Frank Eyton (1930) (track I6)
Edward Heyman (1930) (track I6)
Robert Sour (1930) (track I6)
Irving Berlin (1947) (track I1)
Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Dave Cavanaugh (1961-09-12) (track J9)
Frank Sinatra (tracks I11, J7)
Harry Archer (track I11)
Richard Himber (track I5)
Jack Palmer (Jazz pianist and composer) (track I4)
Buddy Pepper (track J5)
David Raksin (track J10)
Sylvester Sprigato (track I5)
Dok Stanford (track J10)
Harlan Thompson (track I11)
Frank Warshauer (track I5)
Richard A. Whiting (track J5)
Spencer Williams (US jazz composer, pianist & singer) (track I4)
phonographic copyright by:
Masterworks Series (2013) (track I11)
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Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!) (track J9)
recorded at:
[unknown] (only use for recorded at if explicitly stated to be at an unknown place.) (1953-04) (track I11)
Capitol Studios (Hollywood, CA) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1961-09-12) (track J9)
September Song (from "Knickerbocker Holiday") (Fox Trot Arrangement) (track J8)
Somebody Loves Me (for piano solo) (track J3)
cover recording of:
Among My Souvenirs (1946-07-30) (track J7)
Knickerbocker Holiday: September Song (1946-07-30) (track J8)
is the basis for:
There's No Tomorrow (track I3)
later translated versions:
Cuerpo y Alma (track I6)
Du är mitt liv (track I2)
Kun aika rientää (track J9)
Mana saule (track I3)
Men tiden går (track J9)
Privé d’amour (French lyric version of "As Time Goes By") (track J9)
later versions:
Die Liebe bleibt (track J9)
It’s Now or Never (track I3)
Le temps qui passe (track J9)
medley of:
En junidag (track I2)
part of:
Easter Parade (full musical) (track I1)
Knickerbocker Holiday (Kurt Weill musical) (track J8)
Treasure Girl (1928 musical) (track I8)
Oh, What a Lovely War! (stage musical) (track J13)
recording of:
Body and Soul (track I6)
It Isn't Fair (track I5)
Just You, Just Me (track J2)
Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland (1909 song) (track J12)
My Foolish Heart (track I9)
My Happiness (track I2)
Somebody Loves Me (track J3)
Sorry (track J5)
Take a Chance (track J10)
Till We Meet Again (1918 song) (track J11)
Why Remind Me (track J1)
’O sole mio (track I3)
I Love You (1953-04-30) (track I11)
Young at Heart (1953-12-09) (track J6)
As Time Goes By (the song from "Casablanca") (1961-09-12) (track J9)
referred to in medleys:
Hooked on a Song (track I3)
Spaghetti mix (track I3)

12" Vinyl 6

recorded in:
New York, New York, United States (1945-12-07) (track K9)
New York, New York, United States (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Victor Arno (track L8)
Robert Barene (track L8)
Peter Ellis (violinist) (track L8)
David Frisina (track L8)
Gerald Joyce (track L8)
George Kast (track L8)
Sol Kindler (track L8)
Anthony Perrotti (track L8)
Nick Pisani (track L8)
Ted Rosen (track L8)
Mischa Russell (track L8)
Olcott Vail (track L8)
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Leonard Posner (1945-12-07) (track K9)
Arnold Eidus (1951-03-02) (track L7)
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Harry Katzman (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Milton Lomask (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Rebecca Lynch (violinist) (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Harry Melnikoff (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Felix Orlewitz (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Raoul Polikian (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Zelly Smirnoff (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Fred Goerner (track L8)
Arthur Kafton (track L8)
John Sewell (track L8)
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George Polikian (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Nat Polen (1945-12-07) (track K9)
Arthur Drelinger (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Harold Feldman (woodwind player) (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Manny Gershman (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Bernard Kaufman (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Bill Stegmeyer (1951-03-02) (track L7)
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Charles Griffard (track L8)
Leonard Mach (track L8)
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Don Fagerquist (1960-12-21) (track L1)
Johnny Best (jazz trumpeter) (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Conrad Gozzo (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Joe Graves (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Maurice Harris (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Manny Klein (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Vito N. Mangano (1961-03-20) (track K7)
James Salko (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Shorty Sherock (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Rubin "Zeke" Zarchy (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Allan Harshman (track L8)
Dave Sterkin (track L8)
Gary White (Viola player) (track L8)
Sidney Brecher (1945-12-07) (track K9)
Solomon Deutsch (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Isadore Zir (aka Isadore Zit viola player) (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Ray Hagan (track L8)
Johnny Blowers (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Bud Shank (1960-12-21) (track L1)
Dave Barbour (track L8)
Matty Golizio (1945-12-07) (track K9)
Matty Golizio (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Tony Rizzi (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Frank Carroll (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Emil Richards (1960-12-21) (track L1)
double bass:
Phil Stephens (bass and tuba player) (track L8)
Frank Siravo (1945-12-07) (track K9)
Joe Comfort (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Heine Beau (track L8)
Leonard Hartman (track L8)
Harold Lawson (track L8)
Don Logiudice (track L8)
Fred Stulce (track L8)
Mark McIntyre (American pianist, orchestra leader and songwriter.) (track L8)
Bill Clifton (Pianist) (1945-12-07) (track K9)
George Forbes (Pianist) (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1960-12-21) (track L1)
Bill Miller (pianist) (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Phil Stephens (bass and tuba player) (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Irma Clow (track L8)
Elaine Vito Ricci (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Kathryn Julye (1961-03-20) (track K7)
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Richard Kenney (1961-03-20) (track K7)
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Barrett O'Hara (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Jimmy Priddy (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Kenneth Trimble (1961-03-20) (track K7)
French horn:
James Stagliano (track L8)
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James Craas (1961-03-20) (track K7)
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George Gershwin (composer) (1927) (track K2)
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Fred E. Ahlert (1931) (track L9)
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Johnny Best (jazz trumpeter) (1961-03-20) (track K7)
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Frank Sinatra (tracks K3, L8)
Frank Sinatra (1945-12-07) (track K9)
Frank Sinatra (1951-03-02) (track L7)
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Ballard MacDonald (track K5)
Ned Washington (track L4)
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Walter Donaldson (1926) (track L2)
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Roy Turk (1931) (track L9)
Cole Porter (1932) (track K4)
Irving Berlin (1937) (track L1)
Jack Lawrence (US songwriter) (1946) (track L6)
Johnny Mercer (1946) (track L10)
Nelson Riddle (track K6)
Billy May & His Orchestra (1961-03-20) (track K7)
Dave Cavanaugh (track K6)
Bill Richards (producer) (track K9)
Frank Sinatra (tracks K6–K7)
Frank Sinatra (1960-12-21) (track L1)
phonographic copyright by:
Masterworks Series (2013) (tracks K6–K7, L1)
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recorded at:
KHJ Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1953-05 – 1955-08) (track K6)
Capitol Tower in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States (1960-03 – 1960-04) (track K6)
United Recorders (@ 6050 Sunset Blvd., part of United Western Recorders studio complex 1957–1985) in Los Angeles, California, United States (1960-12-21) (track L1)
Somebody Loves Me (for piano solo) (track K5)
’s Wonderful (for solo piano) (track K2)
cover recording of:
Try a Little Tenderness (1945-12-07) (track K9)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
Come Rain or Come Shine (Friars Club Tribute version) (track L10)
Out of Nowhere (Sinatra / Crosby parody) (track K10)
later translated versions:
On the Sunny Side of the Street (Portuguese version) (track K7)
Quando sogno (track K7)
Tout le jour, toute la nuit (Night and Day; du film "Joyeuse divorcée") (track K4)
Wundervoll (track K2)
ハロー、ヤング ラバーズ! (王様と私) (track L7)
later versions:
Han är min (track K6)
part of:
An American in Paris (2015 Broadway musical) (track K2)
Funny Face (1927 musical) (track K2)
Gay Divorce (track K4)
The King and I (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (track L7)
recording of:
Don’t Blame Me (track K1)
I Don't Know Why (track L9)
Love Me or Leave Me (track K8)
Night and Day (Cole Porter song) (track K4)
Out of Nowhere (track K10)
Somebody Loves Me (track K5)
’s Wonderful (track K2)
She’s Funny That Way (1944-12-19) (track L8)
It All Depends on You (1949-07-10) (track K3)
Hello, Young Lovers (The King and I) (1951-03-02) (track L7)
Tenderly (1954) (track L6)
Nevertheless (I'm in Love With You) (1960-03-02) (track K6)
I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (1960-12-21) (track L1)
On the Sunny Side of the Street (1961-03-20) (track K7)
referred to in medleys:
Septemberly (jazz instrumental medley of "Tenderly" and "September in the Rain") (track L6)