Estonian Guitar is a new release by Gunnar K. A. Njalsson- a highly versatile composer and artist-known for jazz, house, instrumental and classical works. The song expresses the feelings of the many forced to leave Estonia to make a living in foreign countries and the longing for the countryside and family members. In this track, Njalsson's style has similarities to that of Jean-Luc Ponty and features difficult guitar passages requiring coordination and stamina. Rythms are inspired by Estonian folk music and combine traditional with modern.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Eestlane kitarr - Estonian Guitar
Gunnar K. A. Njalsson 5 3:43


CD 1

produced in:
Estonia (2017-03-01 – 2017-03-11) (track 1)
recorded in:
Estonia (2017-03-01 – 2017-03-11) (track 1)
Gunnar K. A. Njålsson (2015-08-01) (track 1)
Gunnar K. A. Njålsson (2017-03-01) (track 1)
instrumental recording of:
Eestlane kitarr (Estonian Guitar) (2017-03-11) (track 1)