"We'd rather not translate things into words. Literary content and linear themes are both alien to music. Let's give music а chance to develop according to its own rules.

And yet, if we must speak, then let's begin from an opposing angle – from whatever's absent in Kubikmaggi's 'Suites.' For a start, there's neither a narrative line, nor any formal development – in the traditional sense. You shouldn't expect any avant-garde experimentation, either, at least not as it's typically understood.
We'rе not interested in stylistic games for their own sake. We don't focus on any one musical direction.

We never try to be comprehensible on the level of text alone; instead we strive for comprehension through whatever lies beyond language and form.
There will always be a point where incomprehensibility arises. Yet that same point allows us to show how accepted norms or conventionality merely offer superficial benefits.
Surface beauty; the suspect ways in which reputation is achieved or maintained; universal simplicity and comfort: in these ways the modern world enthralls its residents, often through multimedia experience. The same happens in the arts.
As Kubikmaggi – and in this new album – we try reminding both ourselves and the surrounding world of one thing. The work of human hands should never lead to an illusionary belief in 'boundless potentials.'

The 'Suites' LP embodies a constant juxtaposition of styles - and familiar phrasing, too. It's full of contrasts that bring with them shifting moods. Sometimes those emotions will contradict one another, but that helps us move towards valuable discoveries.
We love anything that obliges you to struggle through its complexity – in order to make a discovery. Revelation never happens quickly. Anything that's comprehended quickly will then vanish at the same speed…" - Kubikmaggi

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Spain
2 Volkrug da okolo
3 Tapping
4 Jdat’
5 Waiting For the Train