CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 At the Hop
Danny & The Juniors 3.5 2:34
2 Tequila
The Champs 5 2:13
3 To Know Him, Is to Love Him
The Teddy Bears 2:25
4 It's Only Make Believe
Conway Twitty 2:15
5 Get a Job
The Silhouettes 2:47
6 Hard Headed Woman
Elvis Presley and The Jordanaires 1:56
7 Little Star
The Elegants 2:42
8 Bird Dog
The Everly Brothers 2:18
9 Yakety Yak
The Coasters 4 1:53
10 Great Balls of Fire
Jerry Lee Lewis 1:54


CD 1

Claude Demetrius (track 6)
Chuck Rio (track 2)
Claude Demetrius (track 6)
Chuck Rio (track 2)
Earl T. Beal (track 5)
Otis Blackwell (track 10)
Raymond W. Edwards (member of 1950s doowop group the Silhouettes) (track 5)
Jack Hammer (Earl Burroughs, co-wrote Great Balls of Fire) (track 10)
William F. Horton (track 5)
Richard A. Lewis (member of 1950s doowop group the Silhouettes) (track 5)
John Madara (track 1)
Jack Nance (track 4)
Vito Picone (track 7)
Arthur Singer (track 1)
Conway Twitty (track 4)
Arthur Venosa (track 7)
David White (rock ’n’ roll pianist & songwriter, member of Danny & the Juniors) (track 1)
part of:
is the basis for:
Tequila (Terrorvision cover) (track 2)
What Happened (Sublime) (track 2)
later translated parody versions:
later translated versions:
Trouve un job (track 5)
later versions:
J'ai tout mon temps (track 10)
recording of:
At the Hop (track 1)
Get a Job (track 5)
Great Balls of Fire (track 10)
Hard Headed Woman (track 6)
Little Star (track 7)
Tequila (track 2)
referred to in medleys:
Swing the Mood (track 1)


ASIN: US: B0000032IQ [info]

Release Group

part of: Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits (number: 1958)