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Release Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Four CD 12 Syco Music 88843067102 888430671027
FOUR CD 16 Syco Music 88875023312 888750233127
FOUR (The Ultimate Edition) CD 16 Syco Entertainment 88843067112 888430671126
FOUR Digital Media 12 Syco Music 886444549844
FOUR (the ultimate edition) Digital Media 17 Syco Music 886444749596
FOUR 2×CD 12 + 3 Sony Records International (Japanese TEXTLESS walking eye imprint) SICP 4324 4547366225853
Four (The Ultimate Edition) CD 19 Sony Records International (Japanese TEXTLESS walking eye imprint), Syco Entertainment SICP4323 4547366225846


associated singles/EPs: Night Changes
Steal My Girl
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The band’s new record, simply titled Four, continues that evolution: its members are more involved in the composition of their material than ever, and the album as a whole takes another step towards the stadium-sized rock first suggested by Midnight Memories. Songs like lead single “Steal My Girl” and the dramatic “Fool’s Gold” have an expert sense of pace and scale, building from relatively quiet openings to giant, gorgeous climaxes, and even less ambitious songs like “Fireproof” and “18” feel designed to reach the back corners of the biggest venues on the planet.

“Steal My Girl” begins with a piano riff clearly inspired by, if not outright stolen from, Journey’s power ballad standard “Faithfully.” It’s just the beginning: “Stockholm Syndrome” borrows the groove and a little bit of the chorus melody from Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Fireproof” takes its bass lead from Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” and most improbably of all, “Girl Almighty” apes the chunk-ka-chunk shuffle and vocal/guitar call-and-response chorus of Paul Simon’s “The Obvious Child.” You could descend into madness trying to pinpoint what decades-old songs all of the riffs and rhythms of this LP remind you of.

Fools Gold

Come on, you must have had the (horrifying) thought that 1D took on The Stone Roses, didn’t you? Don’t worry. That funk-rock classic remains safe but there is a lot going on for this one. Horran delivers a sweet falsetto hook here and there is a new hint of broodiness, too. Expect the Sevens Stadium stage to be moodily lit when the boys deliver it.

Night Changes

The album’s second single and easily one of the album’s worst tracks. It is hard to imagine that this insipid ballad took 10 people to write. They should have just given it to Gary Barlow. As it stands, it makes even Westlife sound interesting

Steal My Girl

A domestic pop song. There should be a law against creating a song so infuriatingly catchy. It begins with Billy Joel-esque piano intro before the stadium-sized beats and synths kick in. To prove once again the boys are super-wholesome, Zayn Malik sings about the bliss of chilling with his girl’s family: “Her mum calls me love, her dad calls me son, all right!”

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I wouldn’t say that I’m a crazed fan over One Direction but among all their albums, "Four" is personally my favourite album. “Four” is One Direction’s fourth album released in 2014 and has cast a bigger impression on me as compared to their previous albums. In their past albums such as Up All Night and Take Me Home, many of the songs are upbeat and suitable for playing at parties and gatherings, while the songs of “Four” are of a greater variety and balance of catchiness and true substance.

The general mood that this album would put one in is a more relaxed and light one, but it would also evoke feelings and fond memories of the target audience. I reckon that this album would appeal the most to teenagers who are experiencing the prime of their youth, having crushes and heartbreaks and pure relationships—the lyrics of some songs in “Four” are really capable of striking a chord in hearts of many. For example, “Steal My Girl” in the album takes about having a perfect girl and her being “my queen since we were sixteen, we want the same things, we dream the same dreams”. This song would resonate with those who feel like they’ve truly found a person that they fully respect, admire and have the same dreams as. The song also talks about how the writer is proud to call the girl his own and how he wouldn’t give her up no matter how many others try to “steal” her away. This song perfectly sums up the sweetness and purity that relationships of youths, and how love can be straightforward, just like how the writer expresses his emotions.

Speaking of catchy lyrics like those of "Steal My Girl", “No Control” is another song that captivates a lot of people’s hearts (as well as ears). “Lost my senses, I'm defenceless, her perfume’s holding me ransom, sweet and sour, heart devoured, lying here I count the hours”. Not only do the lyrics rhyme beautifully, they also describe love where it is frustrating as one has totally no control over him/herself due to the strong emotions already running through their whole mind, leaving no capacity for rational thinking.

Of course, other than the “partying vibe” that songs like “Steal My Girl”, “Ready to Run” and “18” can have, the album provides a good mix of songs as there are also songs that have a slightly heavier meaning. Take for example “Fool’s Gold” and “Night Changes”. “Fool’s Gold” talks about how the writer is willing to fall hard for the girl even when the other party may not be devoting her whole heart to him— “I know in my heart, you're not a constant star”, he is willing to “let you use me from the day that we first met”. This shows how head over heels the writer is with the other party, to the extent that he does not mind her half-heartedness, and is willing to lose himself in his love for her. This shows how love can be irrational and unfair at times and not always a pretty picture. Nevertheless, the tone of the song lightens up the mood that the lyrics might bring and the song cleverly hangs on a delicate balance of the sweetness and cruelty of love.

Also, “Night Changes” is another notable song, however the meaning of this song is highly debatable. It is quite a different song as compared to 1D’s past songs as it focuses a lot on the other party, in vague descriptions that allow much room for imagination. “Her mother doesn't like that kind of dress, everything she never had she's showing off” – my interpretation of this is that the girl is finally doing what she wants and she has been facing restraints from her family all her life, to be a good girl and not to take risks. Now that she has “freedom”, she shows it off as she has never enjoyed it before. “Everything that you've ever dreamed of, disappearing when you wake up”, the writer is trying to tell the other party that although every day may seem like a futile struggle and that breaking out of her shell doesn’t always succeed, no matter what changes happen over the course of one night or many nights, he will still be a pillar of support and quietly encouraging her, hence “It will never change for me and you”. This song touches not on a strong and prideful love but instead a soothing and reassuring motivation to everyone out there who is still struggling to find freedom and live their youth to the fullest.

These few songs are only a snippet of the album that is “Four”, and words can never come close to mimicking the true feeling that a melody chained with lyrics can give, so heading over to “Four” and putting your own opinion on it is definitely what I’d recommend!