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One of the great things about having your commercial appeal wilt exponentially is that you get a sort of creative freedom from the fact that so few people are listening. But darn it all I forced myself to listen to this before writing this review. Four times in one day. Waiting and waiting and waiting for some eureka moment.

But the fact is that this album is a curious departure from the band that gave us so many fun filled moments of rock of varying degrees of heaviness. But let's look at this thing from the outside in - starting with the cover etc. Well the depiction of the band as dogs on the front cover isn't weird or confronting like Bowies Diamond Dogs, it's just a weird drawing and if the contents worked then that wouldn't be so bad. But we'll discuss the music in a moment. Firstly, the rest of the cover - a bunch of shades of brown.... right down to the disc itself, brown spine and the band are dressed in fairly strange suits that look like pimp outfits but without the dash of colour.

With the music we get Jesper Binzer crooning away over mellow structure after mellow structure. One of the joys of this band was their ability and desire to take off their rock boots and drop the tempo to produce airy, painfully introspective ballads. Songs where Jespers sort of non singing style intruded into your mind and his brothers guitar parts just had some anchor in melancholy that fired the notes right into your soul. So such numbers are no surprise for long term fans such as myself.

But the trick here is that such mellower tunes are pretty much all you'll get. Certainly a few such as So What and the title track that kicks off the album do pick up the tempo but even they are only mostly mid tempo numbers and by not putting a few more muscular efforts onto this album the band have probably asked their fans to go a bridge too far.

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Release Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Soft Dogs CD 12 EMI-Medley (Danish division of EMI Music Group) EMI 5385732 724353857325


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