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1.10 Suite del ángel: La muerte del ángel. Fuga, movido 3:40 The Piazzolla Project Piazzolla; Artemis Quartet, Jacques Ammon Virgin Classics (absorbed into Erato since 2013-07-19) 50999 267292 0 6


violin: Heime Müller (2004-06-11)
Natalia Prischepenko (violinist) (2004-06-11)
cello: Eckart Runge (2004-06-11)
strings [string quartet]: Artemis Quartet (2004-06-11)
viola: Volker Jacobsen (violist) (2004-06-11)
recorded at: Angelika-Kaufmann-Saal in Schwarzenberg, Vorarlberg, Austria (2004-06-11)
recording of: La muerte del ángel (2004-06-11)

La muerte del ángel

composer: Astor Piazzolla
arrangements: Concierto del ángel: III. La muerte del ángel (for violin, bandoneon, double bass, piano and string orchestra)
La muerte del ángel (for piano trio, Bragato)
La muerte del ángel (for guitar, Brouwer)