Conductor and artists possibly wrong. Seems to be one of Alfred Scholz recordings. In many cases the names are simply appropriated.

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Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.2 Tannhäuser 14:47 Romantische Ouvertüren Various Artists Parnass 37 577 4
1.3 Ouvertüre zu "Tannhäuser" 14:46 Die grossen Komponisten der Klassischen Musik, Volume 2: Berühmte Ouvertüren Various Artists PMG (Pilz Media Group) CD 160217
1.2 Tannhäuser 14:47 Most Famous Overtures Various Artists LaserLight Digital 15 514
5.1 Tannhäuser: Overture 14:47 Masters of Classical Music Various Artists LaserLight Digital 15 800
5.1 Tannhäuser: Overture 14:47 Masters of Classical Music Various Artists LaserLight Digital 15 800
1.1 Tannhäuser overture 14:44 Great Overtures Richard Wagner Elap Music (Danish label) 3212CD
56.4 Tannhauser 14:43 Compact Collection Classica Various Artists De Agostini CC 93A01, CC 93A02, CC 93A02 bis, CC 93A03, CC 93A04, CC 93A05, CC 93A06, CC 93A07, CC 93A08, CC 93A09, CC 93A10, CC 93A11, CC 93A12, CC 93A13, CC 93A14, CC 93A15, CC 93A17, CC 93A18, CC 93A19, CC 93A20, CC 93A21, CC 93A22, CC 93A23, CC 93A24, CC 93A25, CC 93A26, CC 93A27, CC 93A28, CC 93A29, CC 93A30, CC 93A31, CC 93A33, CC 93A34, CC 93A35, CC 93A36, CC 93A37, CC 93A38, CC 93A39, CC 93A40, CC 93A42, CC 93A43, CC 93A44, CC 93A45, CC 93A46, CC 93A47, CC 93A48, CC 93A49, CC 93A50, CC 93A51, CC 93A52, CC 93A53, CC 93A54, CC 93A55, CC 93A56, CC 93A58, CC 93A59, CC 93A60, CC 93A61, CC 93A62, CC 93A63, CC 93A64, CC 93A65, CC 93A66, CC 93A67, CC 93A69, CC 93A70, CC 93A71, CC 93A72, CC 93A74, CC 93A75, CC 93A76, CC 93A77, CC 93A78, CC 93A79, CC 93A80
1.3 Tannhäuser 14:40 Ouvertures d'Or Various Artists Musique d'Or MDO 1050
1.6 Overture 14:39 Richard Wagner Richard Wagner Excelsior (one-time subsidiary of Pickwick) EXL-2-4233
1.2 Tannhäuser: Ouvertüre 14:43 Die Klassiksammlung 36: Wagner: Romantische Oper Richard Wagner De Agostini KS C 036
1.2 Tannhauser: Overture 14:43 The Classical Collection 37: Wagner: Operatic Masterpieces Richard Wagner Orbis Publishing Ltd. CC C 037
1.1 Tannhäuser: Ouvertüre 14:44 Große Ouvertüren Richard Wagner ZYX Classic (LC-7256) CLS 4016
1.7 Tannhäuser: Ouvertüre 14:43 Ludwig II.: Traumwelten Various Artists Mediaphon WB-22.485
1.2 Tannhäuser: Abertura 14:45 Aberturas célebres de ópera New Philharmonia Orchestra, London Festival Orchestra Ediciones del Prado GCB072
1.11 Overture 14:39 Classical Treasures: Classics for Dreaming Various Artists Madacy Records 3712
1.2 Tannhäuser (Abertura) 14:48 Classic Masters: Aberturas célebres I Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Strauss, Rossini, Cimarosa, Mascagni; Oquestra sinfônica nacional de Olsztyn, Igor Gogol folio EFCD051
1.2 Tannhäuser: Ouvertüre 14:43 Romantyczne opery: Lohengrin / Tannhäuser / Śpiewacy norymberscy / Holender tułacz Richard Wagner Point Classics (imprint either includes a red ink splotch or a conductor's silhouette) MM 020
1.2 Tannhäuser: Overture 14:44 Romantische Schlösser: Tannhäuser / The Flying Dutchman / Tristan and Isolde Wagner Jägel 25407-101
1.1 Tannhauser 14:43 The Classical Collection: Power Various Artists
1.6 Tannhäuser: Overture 14:42 The Flying Dutchman / Lohengrin / Mastersingers of Nuremburg / Tristan & Isolde / Parsifal Richard Wagner Haba’na, JBM
1.5 Tannhäuser: Ouvertüre 14:40 Bekannte Ouvertüren Richard Wagner Digital Classic CD 155.037
1.3 Overture from, "Tannhäuser" 14:46 Berühmte Ouvertüren I New Philharmonia Orchestra London, Alfred Scholz PILZ (German budget label) 160 217
1.3 Tannhäuser: Ouvertüre 14:46 Berühmte Ouvertüren Vol. 2 Various Artists PILZ (German budget label) 140 217-2
2.5 Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg: Ouvertüre 14:40 Classic Gala Various Artists GMS
1.3 Tannhäuser: Overture 14:48 Famous Overtures Gioachino Rossini, Otto Nicolai, Richard Wagner, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1.5 Overture, Tannhäuser 14:40 Famous Overtures Richard Wagner Allegro (Sublabel of Pickwick) 21044
1.3 Tannhaeuser 14:40 Landscape Classics Series, No. 51 Various Artists Landscape Classics LS 8741050
1.1 Tannhäuser, WWV 70: Overture 14:47 Masters of Classical Music, Vol. 5: Wagner Richard Wagner LaserLight Digital 15 805
1.2 Tannhäuser 14:40 Ouvertüren Richard Wagner PILZ (German budget label) 140 249-2
1.1 Tannhäuser 14:40 Overtures Richard Wagner
1.5 Tannhäuser (Overture) 14:40 Overtures / Preludes Richard Wagner Sonata 267 637-2
1.9 Ouvertüre zu Tannhaeuser 14:39 Royal Crown Classics: The Sampler Various Artists Pilz Compact Disc (not for release label use! German pressing plant located in Kranzberg near Munich) CD 65500
19.3 Tannhäuser: Overture 14:44 Spectacular Classics Various Artists Musicbank APWCD6001, APWCD6002, APWCD6004, APWCD6005, APWCD6006, APWCD6007, APWCD6008, APWCD6010, APWCD6013, APWCD6014, APWCD6016, APWCD6017, APWCD6018, APWCD6019, APWCD6021, APWCD6023, APWCD6025, APWCD6026, APWCD6029, APWCD6030, APWCD6031, APWCD6032, APWCD6033, APWCD6034, APWCD6035, APWCD6036, APWCD6037, APWCD6039, APWCD6041, APWCD6043, APWCD6044, APWCD6047, APWCD6048, APWCD6050, APWCD6055, APWCD6056, APWCD6057, APWCD6058, APWCD6059, APWCD6060
1.3 Overture from, "Tannhäuser" 14:46 Famous Overtures, Volume 1 New Philharmonia Orchestra, Alfred Scholz


conductor: Igor Gogol (conductor, probably a pseudonym for Alfred Scholz)
Vassil Kazandjiev
George Richter (conductor, probably fictitious, or Alfred Scholz pseudonym)
Alfred Scholz
orchestra: Royal Danish Symphony Orchestra (Royal Danish Orchestra)
London Festival Orchestra (Alfred Scholz pseudonym)
Philharmonia Orchestra London (name used on budget releases, not the London Philharmonic or the New Philharmonia)
London Symphony Orchestra
London Symphony Orchestra (Alfred Scholz pseudonym, not the real LSO)
National Symphony Orchestra Olsztyn (probably a fake artist by Alfred Scholz)
New Philharmonic Orchestra London (bogus name used on budget releases, not the London Philharmonic or the New Philharmonia)
Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
recording of: Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg: Ouvertüre

Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg: Ouvertüre

composer: Richard Wagner (1843 – 1845-04-13)
arrangements: Overture to "Tannhäuser" (for band, Sousa)
Overture to “Tannhäuser” (for organ, Lemare)
Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg: Ouvertüre (for two pianos, Reger)
Tannhäuser: Ouvertüre (for piano, Wagner)
is the basis for: Ouvertüre zu Tannhäuser, S. 442 (for piano, Liszt)
Pilgerchor aus Tannhäuser, S. 443/1
Pilgerchor aus Tannhäuser, S. 443/2 (second, less common version)
Space Fantasy 2015: 1. Valse Triste - 2. Ride of the Valkyries - 3. Tannhäuser-Ouverture
part of: Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg (movement)