~ Recording by Certain Lions & Tigers

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.8 Fever 3:00 Soul Condor Certain Lions & Tigers BASF 20 29035-2
1.8 Fever 3:03 Big Band Man Peter Herbolzheimer MPS 06025 1764391


electric bass guitar and electric guitar: Heinz Kitschenberg (1970)
woodwind: Wilton Gaynair (1970)
drums: Jörg Gebhardt (German jazz drummer and percussionist) (1970)
Tony Inzalaco (1970)
electronic organ and piano: Dieter Reith (1970)
alto saxophone and flute: Herb Geller (1970)
congas and percussion: Horst Mühlbradt (1970)
trombone: Rudi Fuesers (1970)
Peter Herbolzheimer (1970)
Gerhard Lachmann (1970)
flugelhorn and trumpet: Karl Barthelmes (1970)
Art Farmer (1970)
Ack van Rooyen (1970)
arranger: Horst Mühlbradt
conductor: Peter Herbolzheimer (1970)
engineer: Helmut Reinhardt
producer: Peter Herbolzheimer
Jimmy Pratt
recorded at: SWF Studios in Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (1970)
recording of: Fever (instrumental, cover) (1970)


arranger: Peter Herbolzheimer
writer: Eddie Cooley
John Davenport (songwriter Otis Blackwell)
publisher: Fort Knox Music Inc.
Lark Music Ltd.
Trio Music Co., Inc.
later translated parody versions: Fieber
later translated versions: Fieber
Trent'-neuf de fièvre
later versions: Visor