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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.8 Kaiserwalzer, Op. 437 12:58 100 Most Famous Waltzes, Overtures, Polkas and Marches, Volume 1 Johann Strauss II Naxos 8.554517
1.8 Kaiserwalzer, Op. 437 12:58 100 of His Best Compositions Johann Strauss II Naxos 8.501004
9.10 Kaiserwalzer, Op. 437 12:56 Johann Strauss II: The Complete Orchestral Edition Johann Strauss II Naxos 8.505226


recorded in: Katowice, Śląskie, Poland (1989-03)
conductor: Johannes Wildner (1989-03)
orchestra: Polish State Philharmonic Orchestra (1989-03)
producer: Maria Olszewska (1989-03)
recording of: Kaiser-Walzer, op. 437 (1989-03)

Kaiser-Walzer, op. 437

premiered in: Berlin, Germany (1889-10-21)
composer: Johann Strauss (Austro-German composer, "Walzerkönig", Johann Strauss II, Sohn, Jr., the Younger, the Son) (1889)
arrangements: Kaiser-Walzer (for chamber ensemble, Schönberg)
later translated versions: Valse de l'Empereur