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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.1 Serenade to Music (orchestral version) 11:41 Hickox Conducts Vaughan Williams Vaughan Williams; Northern Sinfonia of England, Richard Hickox, Bradley Creswick, Roger Winfield EMI Classics (absorbed into Warner Classics since 2013-07-19) 5 73986 2
11.1 Serenade to Music (orchestral version) 11:33 Vaughan Williams: The Collector's Edition Ralph Vaughan Williams EMI Classics (absorbed into Warner Classics since 2013-07-19)


conductor: Richard Hickox
orchestra: Royal Northern Sinfonia
solo violin: Bradley Creswick
recording of: Serenade to Music

Serenade to Music

composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams (1938)
lyricist: William Shakespeare (famous English poet and playwright)
parts: 1. Serenade to Music: Andantino
2. Serenade to Music: "How sweet the moonlight"
3. Serenade to Music: "Look how the floor of heaven..."
4. Serenade to Music: "Come, ho! and wake Diana with a hymn"
5. Serenade to Music: "I am never merry when I hear sweet music"
6. Serenade to Music: "Music! hark!"
7. Serenade to Music: "How many things by season..."
8. Serenade to Music: "Soft Stillness and the night"