• Recorded: 1955-02-09.
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2.2 Rhapsody in Blue 16:10 Historic Gershwin Recordings George Gershwin RCA Victor Red Seal 09026 63276-2


piano: Morton Gould (1955-02-09)
conductor: Morton Gould (1955-02-09)
orchestra: Morton Gould Orchestra (1955-02-09)
recording of: Rhapsody in Blue (standard 1942 orchestration) (1955-02-09)

Rhapsody in Blue (standard 1942 orchestration)

composer: George Gershwin (composer) (1924)
orchestrator: Ferde Grofé (1942)
publisher: Chappell Music Ltd.
Ferde Grofé Music Publishing (New York)
New World Music Co.
Warner Bros. Music
arrangements: Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Dokshitser for trumpet and orchestra)
Rhapsody in Blue (Glenn Miller arrangement)
Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Carlos Barbosa-Lima)
Rhapsody in Blue (transcription for solo piano by Gershwin)
Rhapsody in Blue (catch-all for arrangements)
is the basis for: Blue
What Happened (Sublime)
referred to in medleys: Hooked on America
Hooked on Classics, Parts 1 & 2
revision of: Rhapsody in Blue (original jazz band version, less often performed)