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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
2.9 Smoke on the Water 12:28 Live in Stuttgart 1993 Deep Purple Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Aug 5, 2004 - Oct 1, 2008; do not use if a specific sub-label is available) 88697041842


electric bass guitar: Roger Glover (1993-10-16)
drums: Ian Paice (1993-10-16)
keyboard: Jon Lord (1993-10-16)
guitar family: Ritchie Blackmore (1993-10-16)
lead vocals: Ian Gillan (1993-10-16)
recording of: Smoke on the Water (live)

Smoke on the Water

writer: Ritchie Blackmore
Ian Gillan
Roger Glover
Jon Lord
Ian Paice
publisher: EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
EMI Music Publishing France
HEC Music
Henrees Music co.
イーエムアイ音楽出版 C・F事業部
later parody versions: Walk on the Water
later translated parody versions: Humo en el water
Savua Laatokalla
later translated versions: Rauch auf dem Wasser
referred to in medleys: Polkas on 45