~ Recording by Men From Mars feat. Shocking Blue

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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.14 Venus 4:03 Clubmix: Summer 2004 Various Artists Universal Music TV (UK) 982 391-3


performer: Shocking Blue
recording of: Venus (Shocking Blue (I'm Your Venus))

Venus (Shocking Blue (I'm Your Venus))

composer: Robbie van Leeuwen
lyricist: Robbie van Leeuwen
publisher: The International Music Network
later parody versions: Jesus (Sermon on the Mount)
later translated parody versions: Minus
later translated versions: Kolos Srey Chaom
Venus (Finnish)
ヴィーナス (Hitoshi Shinohara translation)
ヴィーナス (Hiromi Mori translation)
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