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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.1 Close Your Eyes (remix I) (Optikonfusion!) ?:?? Close Your Eyes Acen Production House PNT 034R
1.1 Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion Mix) 7:19 The Best of Acen Acen Little Dragon Recordings LDD 002


mixer: Acen
Floyd Dyce
producer: Acen
Floyd Dyce
samples: All We Wanna Do Is Dance (The People's mix) by The House Crew
Here Comes the Sun (original studio mix) by The Beatles
Mama Said Knock You Out by L.L. Cool J
Once You Understand by Think
The Celebration of the Lizard by The Doors
recording of: Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

composer: Acen Razvi