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1.4 The Snow Maiden: Suite 12:17 Capriccio espagnol / May Night Overture / Sadko / Snow Maiden Suite Rimksy-Korsakov; Roberta Alexander, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, David Zinman Philips Digital Classics (this may likely be a series than an actual label) 411 446-2


conductor: David Zinman
orchestra: Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
soprano vocals: Roberta Alexander
recording of: Suite from “The Snow Maiden”

Suite from “The Snow Maiden”

composer: Николай Андреевич Римский‐Корсаков (composer) (1895)
is based on: The Snow Maiden
parts: 1. Suite from "The Snow Maiden": I. Beautiful Spring
2. Suite from "The Snow Maiden": II. Dance of the Birds
3. Suite from "The Snow Maiden": III. The Procession of Tsar Berendey
4. Suite from "The Snow Maiden": IV. Dance of the Tumblers