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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.1 Final Countdown (live mix) 14:01 NYE 2009 (Midnight at Vic Theatre) Pretty Lights Pretty Lights Music


remixer: Pretty Lights
recorded at: The Vic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, United States (2009-12-31)
remix of: 1999 (album version) by Prince
Celebration by Kool & The Gang
Midnight in a Perfect World by DJ Shadow
The Final Countdown by Europe
recording of: 1999 (live, partial)
Celebration (Song by Kool & Gang) (live, partial)
Midnight in a Perfect World (partial, live)
The Final Countdown (live, partial)


composer: Prince (“The Artist Formerly Known as…”)
lyricist: Prince (“The Artist Formerly Known as…”)
publisher: Controversy Music
フジパシフィックミュージック 第2事業部

Celebration (Song by Kool & Gang)

Midnight in a Perfect World

composer: DJ Shadow (US hip hop producer, DJ & instrumentalist)

The Final Countdown

composer: Joey Tempest
lyricist: Joey Tempest
later parody versions: Final Countdown (parody by Кирилл Немоляев)
Final Countdown (parody by Der Familie Popolski)
Final Cuntdown
The Bible Countdown
The Final Grinddown
later translated parody versions: Jääkärihumppa
Te peto el cacas
later translated versions: Der letzte Countdown