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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.4 Baby Dear 2:51 The Bennie Moten Collection: 1923-32 Bennie Moten Fabulous (sub-label of Acrobat Music, focuses on rare or unavailable original cast recordings, film soundtracks and showbiz-oriented artist re-issues) FADCD2058


recorded in: St. Louis, Missouri, United States (1924-11-29)
clarinet: Harlan Leonard (1924-11-29)
Woody Walder (1924-11-29)
cornet: Harry Cooper (1924-11-29)
Lammar Wright (1924-11-29)
drums: Willie Hall (drummer, worked with Bennie Moten) (1924-11-29)
banjo: Sam Tall (Jazz banjoist) (1924-11-29)
alto saxophone: Harlan Leonard (1924-11-29)
piano: Bennie Moten (jazz pianist) (1924-11-29)
tenor saxophone: Woody Walder (1924-11-29)
trombone: Thamon Hayes (1924-11-29)
recording of: Baby Dear (1924-11-29)

Baby Dear

composer: Thamon Hayes
Bennie Moten (jazz pianist)