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1.1 Sonata a otto Viole con una Tromba: I. Allegro 1:09 Italian Baroque Trumpet Music The Parley of Instruments, Peter Holman, Stephen Keavy, Crispian Steele‐Perkins Musical Heritage Society 514179T


baroque trumpet [trumpet]: Stephen Keavy (trumpet) (1987-03-24 – 1987-03-26)
Crispian Steele‐Perkins (1987-03-24 – 1987-03-26)
conductor: Peter Holman (conductor and organist) (1987-03-24 – 1987-03-26)
orchestra: The Parley of Instruments (1987-03-24 – 1987-03-26)
producer: Martin Compton (producer) (1987-03)
recording engineer: Tony Faulkner (recording engineer) (1987-03)