~ Recording by Albert Ayler & Don Cherry

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.4 Ghosts 7:25 Ghosts Albert Ayler Quartet featuring Don Cherry, Gary Peacock & Sonny Murray Debut (50s jazz label, now under the Concord Music Group) DEB 144
1.4 Ghosts 7:58 Vibrations Albert Ayler & Don Cherry Freedom FCD 41000
1.4 Ghosts 7:59 Ghosts Albert Ayler


recorded in: Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark (1964-09-14)
cornet: Don Cherry (Jazz trumpeter) (1964-09-14)
drums: Sonny Murray (1964-09-14)
bass: Gary Peacock (1964-09-14)
tenor saxophone: Albert Ayler (1964-09-14)