You Needed Me

~ Recording by Boyzone

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.14 You Needed Me 3:35 For the Children of Guatemala and Kosovo Various Artists London Records 289 466 600-2
1.14 You Needed Me 3:35 Pavarotti & Friends for Guatemala and Kosovo Pavarotti & Friends Decca Classics ("DECCA" in white uppercase on a blue-over-red rectangular block; until 1999, for use outside of North America only) 466 600-2


recorded at: Parco Novi Sad in Modena, Modena, Italy (1999-06-01)
recording of: You Needed Me (live) (1999-06-01)

You Needed Me

composer: Randy Goodrum
lyricist: Randy Goodrum
publisher: Chappell & Co., Inc.
Ironside Music
Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
arrangements: You Needed Me (for brass band, Brevik)