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1.22 An Silvia 2:33 Ausgewählte Lieder Franz Schubert;Dietrich Fischer‐Dieskau,Jörg Demus Orfeo (German classical) C 529 001 B


piano: Jörg Demus (1979-07-30)
baritone vocals: Dietrich Fischer‐Dieskau (1979-07-30)
recorded at: Kleines Festspielhaus in Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria (1979-07-30)
recording of: An Sylvia, D. 891 (for voice and piano) (1979-07-30)

An Sylvia, D. 891 (for voice and piano)

composer: Franz Schubert (Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert) (1826)
lyricist: William Shakespeare (famous English poet and playwright)
translator: Eduard von Bauernfeld (Austrian dramatist)
arrangements: Who Is Sylvia? (Saxophone & piano)
later versions: An Silvia, D. 891 (for orchestra (unknown orchestrator))