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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.3 Overtones of China ?:?? Visits Planet Earth Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra El Saturn Records LP 9956-11
1.7 Overtones of China 4:22 Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth / Interstellar Low Ways Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra Evidence (US label, cat# with "ECD") ECD 22039-2


recorded in: Chicago, Illinois, United States (1959)
trumpet: Lucious Randolph (1959)
drums: Robert Barry (drummer) (1959)
flute: Marshall Allen (1959)
bass: Ronnie Boykins (1959)
percussion: John Gilmore (1959)
Jim Herndon (1959)
Pat Patrick (1959)
Sun Ra (1959)
alto saxophone: Marshall Allen (1959)
saxophone: Pat Patrick (1959)
piano: Sun Ra (1959)
baritone saxophone: Charles Davis (saxophone player) (1959)
tenor saxophone: John Gilmore (1959)
trombone: Nate Pryor (1959)
engineer: Roger Seibel
producer: Alton Abraham
phonographic copyright by: Evidence Music, Inc. (Do not use for release Label)
recording of: Overtones of China (1959)

Overtones of China

arranger: Sun Ra
composer: Sun Ra