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1.2 Echoes of Harlem 10:30 Live at Montreux Hudik Big Band, Georgie Fame, Bengt A Wallin Dragon Records DRLP 59


recorded in: Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland (1983-07-11)
woodwind: Candido Ponce Armas (1983-07-11)
Torbjörn Carlson (woodwind) (1983-07-11)
Ola Granath (1983-07-11)
Hans Norin (1983-07-11)
Nore Sundqvist (1983-07-11)
drums: Stig Andersson (drums) (1983-07-11)
guitar: Bengt Lindfors (1983-07-11)
bass: Per Karlsson (bass) (1983-07-11)
brass: Olle Brynhammar (1983-07-11)
Bertil Sandberg (1983-07-11)
Tommie Saur (1983-07-11)
Mats Siggstedt (1983-07-11)
Karl Erik Strandell (1983-07-11)
Mats Wallin (brasss) (1983-07-11)
percussion: Leif 'Gus' Dahlberg (1983-07-11)
keyboard: Thomas Jutterström (1983-07-11)
trombone: Lars Johan Larsson (trombone) (1983-07-11)
Björn Nilsson (trombone) (1983-07-11)
Göran Olson (1983-07-11)
engineer: David Richards (Swiss-based producer and engineer)
mixer: Thommie Fransson
Thomas Jutterström
Bengt-Arne Wallin
producer: Thomas Jutterström
phonographic copyright by: Dragon Records
mixed at: Studio Decibel