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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.1 Gotta Travel On 2:24 Gotta Travel On / Chasing a Dream Billy Grammer Monument Records 45-400


recording of: Gotta Travel On

Gotta Travel On

additional writer: Ronnie Gilbert (American folk singer)
Lee Hays
Fred Hellerman
Pete Seeger
writer: Paul Clayton
Larry Ehrlich
David Lazar
Dave Lazer
publisher: Anthem Music and Media Fund LLC
Figs D Music
Figs D Music, Inc.
Freddy Bienstock Music Co.
Reel Muzik Werks LLC
Sanga Music
Sanga Music, Inc.
Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.
The Bicycle Music Company (part of Concord Bicycle Music since 2015/04/01, overseeing publishing and rights management)
Wintrup Musikverlag