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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.1 You are the sunshine 4:13 Sunshine 松田聖子 Sony Records (Japanese imprint) SRCL-5756, SRCL-5757
1.1 You are the sunshine 4:13 Sunshine 松田聖子 Sony Records (Japanese imprint) SRCL-5758
1.1 You are the sunshine 4:15 Sunshine 松田聖子 Sony Records (Japanese imprint)
69.1 You are the sunshine ?:?? Seiko Matsuda 松田聖子 Sony Records (Japanese imprint) SRCL-6301, SRCL-6302, SRCL-6303, SRCL-6304, SRCL-6305, SRCL-6306, SRCL-6307, SRCL-6308, SRCL-6309, SRCL-6310, SRCL-6311, SRCL-6312, SRCL-6313, SRCL-6314, SRCL-6315, SRCL-6316, SRCL-6317, SRCL-6318, SRCL-6319, SRCL-6320, SRCL-6321, SRCL-6322, SRCL-6323, SRCL-6324, SRCL-6325, SRCL-6326, SRCL-6327, SRCL-6328, SRCL-6329, SRCL-6330, SRCL-6331, SRCL-6332, SRCL-6333, SRCL-6334, SRCL-6335, SRCL-6336, SRCL-6337, SRCL-6338, SRCL-6339, SRCL-6340, SRCL-6341, SRCL-6342, SRCL-6343, SRCL-6344, SRCL-6345, SRCL-6346, SRCL-6347, SRCL-6348, SRCL-6349, SRCL-6350, SRCL-6351, SRCL-6352, SRCL-6353, SRCL-6354, SRCL-6355, SRCL-6356, SRCL-6357, SRCL-6358, SRCL-6359, SRCL-6360, SRCL-6361, SRCL-6362, SRCL-6363, SRCL-6364, SRCL-6365, SRCL-6366, SRCL-6367, SRCL-6368, SRCL-6369, SRCL-6370, SRCL-6371, SRCL-6372, SRCL-6373, SRCL-6374


arranger: 原田真二
recording of: You are the sunshine

You are the sunshine

composer: 原田真二
lyricist: 松田聖子
publisher: Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.