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strings: Camille Borsarello
Akémi Fillon
Jacques Gandard
Lise Orivel (Musician)
Miwa Rosso
Léa Vandenhelsken
piano: Marc Chouarain
conductor: Bruno Bertoli
mixer: Julien Delfaud
remixer: Woodkid
sound engineer: Théo Josso
mixed at: Studio RDPC in Paris, Île-de-France, France
recorded at: LABELGUM
remix of: Happy by Pharrell Williams
stream for free: [info]
recording of: Happy (Pharrell Williams song)

Happy (Pharrell Williams song)

composer: Pharrell Williams
lyricist: Pharrell Williams
publisher: EMI April Music Inc.
More Water From Nazareth Publishing, Inc.
Universal Pictures Music
later parody versions: Cosplay (Parody of "Happy")
later translated versions: Ja des gfreid mi
referred to in medleys: Pharrell Mashup