Got to Do

~ Recording by Count Basic

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.6 Got to Do 4:58 Moving in the Right Direction Count Basic Spray Records (Austrian record label) 74321435752


trumpet: Bumi Fian
Niki Friesenbichler
Bruce Purse (brass)
guitar: Peter "The Count" Legat
bass: Willi Langer
vibraphone: Woody Schabata
percussion: Laurinho Bandeira
Stephan Maass
keyboard: Dieter Kolbeck
saxophone: Martin Fuss
trombone: Christian Radovan
lead vocals: Kelli Sae
mixer: Jörg Mayr
producer: Peter Legat
Oisin Little
Ernie McKone
recording engineer: Oisin Little
Jörg Mayr
Ernie McKone